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Today, motion control has moved well beyond its traditional manufacturing industry. Medical devices, automotive, robotics and personal tools like smartphones and tablets benefit from the advancement of low cost, low power, and miniaturization of motion control.

Motion Control in a Rehabilitation Device

Voler developed this rehabilitation device for a startup who needed it designed and developed at a fairly low cost but to still be FDA compliant. We achieved this by combining off-the-shelf modules that had a low development cost with a custom electronic components that gave the design the flexibility it required. The result was a device that enabled an innovative treatment for rehabilitating stroke patients that facilitated complex exercise to improve a patient’s grasp and their ability to move their wrists and ankles.

Complex Motion Control Software in Surgical Table

You would probably be surprised at how much software would be needed to enable the complex motions that a surgical table needs to execute depending upon the patient, the operation, and the physician’s needs. We recently developed motion control software for a new surgical table that had to support 6 axes of unique but coordinated movement. The primary operations it was to support were spine surgeries where the table had to hinge in the middle, but there couldn’t be any metal in the middle. In effect, the two separate pieces are independently controlled by motors. We had to develop and code algorithms that would predict the position of both halves of the table and not allow them to drift closer or farther apart than a tight tolerance or the table would literally tear itself apart. The design was complicated by the need to control six separate motors, three on each half of the table, and to coordinate their movements to facilitate a surgical procedure.

motion control pc boardWe understand motion control systems. We specialize in electronics and software, and in particular we are good at interfaces for sensors of all types, including cameras, as well as motion control, wireless and medical devices. We see an increasing trend toward combining sensors and wireless so that measurements and observations can be made remotely without requiring a cable.



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