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Our custom product design consulting starts with good specifications, the right people, quality design, good communication and ensuring a smooth transfer to manufacturing.

Our Experts


Our Experts

Located in Silicon Valley, we have world class electronic engineers and custom product design consultants you can leverage for the duration of your project. In addition to our staff developers, we have an extensive network of leading edge experts.

Our History

Voler Systems has a history of innovation and outstanding electronics engineering for four decades. We started as Strawberry Tree Inc. From 1979 to 1999, Strawberry Tree designed, manufactured, and sold data acquisition boards and boxes with easy-to-use application software for PCs. In March, 1999, Strawberry Tree, a leading developer of PC-based data acquisition systems, sold its data acquisition manufacturing business and formed Voler to provide new product design and system integration. The engineers who created award-winning products since 1979 can now solve your engineering problems.


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