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Luxury Car Auxiliary Battery Design | Voler Systems Case Study


Company: Small Startup Company

Industry: Consumer Products

Use Case: Portable auxiliary battery for use with smartphones

Services Used: Electronic Design, Analog Design


  • Compact, portable auxiliary battery design
  • Enhanced design aligned with luxury brand and its customers
  • Complied with strict Lithium battery safety regulations

Customer Introduction

This small startup company received a contract to provide an auxiliary battery branded for a luxury car company. They had no experience with Lithium batteries and sought an expert electrical engineering partner to collaborate on the project.


  • Developing a compact auxiliary battery solution

    The device must fit the size constraints of a smartphone while leaving ample space for the battery.
  • Creating a design that aligns with luxury brand image and customers

    The design should reflect the luxury car company's aesthetic standards and meet the expectations of luxury customers.
  • Ensuring safety compliance for a Lithium battery

    The battery solution will comply with all relevant safety regulations, ensuring consumer safety and satisfaction.


An auxiliary battery has a lot of analog electronics: charging, discharging, and safety circuits. The startup partnered with Voler Systems to leverage its vast expertise in electronic design, especially analog design, and its comprehensive understanding of batteries and their safety requirements.

Voler Systems engineers provided the following solutions:

  • Identified and selected a Lithium battery with the correct capacity, charge and discharge characteristics, and safety features to meet the project requirements.
  • Developed a compact circuit design to occupy minimal space while accepting 120 VAC as one charging source.
  • Implemented robust safety circuits to mitigate potential hazards and ensure user safety.

Results & Benefits

  • Compact and space-optimized design that maximized available space for the battery, allowing for an increased battery capacity and improved performance of the smartphone.
  • Enhanced design appeal and luxury experience that aligned with the luxury company's brand image and discerning luxury customers.
  • Complied with strict Lithium battery safety regulations that protected users from potential hazards and enhanced the product's reputation for reliability and quality.


This small startup, guided by the expertise of Voler Systems, transformed the challenge of having no Lithium battery experience into an opportunity. Through Voler's unwavering commitment to innovation and safety, they designed an excellent auxiliary battery solution that met the stringent requirements of safety regulations and exceeded the expectations of the luxury brand and its customers.

"Voler Systems' expertise and relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in a game-changing auxiliary battery solution that seamlessly merged innovation, compact design, and safety, setting new standards for luxury car power solutions."

Voler Systems' expertise in electronic design, analog circuits, and battery safety will elevate your projects to new heights. Let's create unique, high-performance products that exceed expectations. Contact us today to embark on your path to success.

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