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Advanced Liquid Biopsy Device Development by Voler Systems


Company: Guangzhou EZLife BioSci Tech Co. Ltd

Industry: Medical Devices

Use Case: Liquid Biopsy Platform

Services Used: Analog Circuitry, FPGA, Microprocessors, Firmware


  • Engineered for multi-channel precision of picoamp currents
  • Balanced circuit and software integration for consistent accuracy
  • Executed use of liquid biopsy device in the lab

Customer Introduction

This China-based company's liquid biopsy platform project included a medical instrument for a simple and non-invasive method to diagnose lung cancer in the early stages. It eliminates the need for a lung biopsy and is said to be just as accurate.


  • The company did not have the engineering expertise to design the complex medical instrument used for non-invasive liquid biopsies and the required accurate measurement of very low currents in a blood sample.

The device needed to accurately measure an extensive current range from 10 picoamps to 50 microamps with low leakage currents.

  • Noise from external sources was a significant challenge.

Proper shielding was essential. Extreme care is needed to shield the incoming signals from external noise at such low current levels.


A partner of Voler Systems referred this company because of Voler's skillset in designing complex medical devices and ability to collaborate remotely on a global scale, as well as our advanced analog design skills.

Voler Systems provided the following solutions to help the client achieve its goal:

  • Developed a customized design in the absence of a suitable off-the-shelf chip.
  • Implemented low-noise design principles.
  • Created a design that performs self-calibration of the circuit.
  • Executed project management strategy.

Results & Benefits

  • Designed to include low leakage currents and multiple channels for precise current measurements across the very wide range
  • Improved shielding effectiveness of circuit board to block noise from external sources
  • Balanced design of all circuit and software interactions to ensure accurate readings
  • Productive weekly remote collaboration for a successful project design and delighted customer

The Voler Systems' engineering team expertly managed and completed this complex project consisting of a board with 96 channels and over 3,000 components. The team's exceptional skill and the high quality of their work enabled the client to use the first boards in their lab successfully.



Voler Systems leverages our extensive expertise in developing medical, wearable, and IoT devices to help companies bring innovative, reliable, and life-changing solutions to market.

"With Voler Systems' contributions to the liquid biopsy device, we're enabling a simple, non-invasive method for early cancer detection that can lead to more effective treatments and improved survival rates."

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