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Advancing Stroke Rehabilitation: Breakthrough Device Enhances Patient Recovery and Mobility


Company: Medical Device Startup

Industry: Medical

Use Case: Rehabilitation Device for Stroke Patients

Services Used: Electronics, Firmware, Motion Control


  • Delivered an innovative stroke rehabilitation device
  • Crafted a user-friendly, adaptable patient treatment system
  • Enhanced stroke rehabilitation, boosting patient recovery

Customer Introduction

This small medical device startup had designed an early prototype for its first product, an FDA-compliant rehabilitation device for stroke patients. Acknowledging the need for expert skills in design, firmware, motion control, sensor technology, and medical device regulations, the company sought a partner equipped with these proficiencies to actualize its concept.


  • Stroke victims require muscle exercise to encourage the brain to reconnect with the muscles.

    The device will facilitate the exercise of the hand, wrist, and ankle to aid in the brain’s reconnection with these muscle groups.
  • The device must detect various forms of motion, identify minimal movements, capture electrical signals indicating an intent to move when actual movement is not possible, and offer multiple training modes.

    The team will design a rehabilitation device equipped with advanced sensor technology and firmware that can sense different levels of motion, decipher electrical signals in limbs, initiate wider or intended movements as necessary, and provide varied exercise modes to cater to different rehabilitation needs.
  • The project requires expertise in electronic design, firmware, motion control, and sensor technology, outside the company’s scope of experience.

    The company will find a partner with proficiency in designing electronics embedded with firmware and sensor technology.
  • The startup needed a partner experienced in motion control and medical device design and development.

    The startup will collaborate with a company with extensive experience in motion control systems and medical device design, ensuring the product is well-designed and compliant with FDA and healthcare standards.


The customer chose Voler Systems for this project due to its extensive expertise in electronic design, firmware development, sensor technology, and motion control systems. Additionally, Voler’s established experience in medical device development ensured compliance with FDA and healthcare standards and regulations.

Voler System engineers delivered the following solutions:

  • Designed electronics to control motors and to read motion sensors (for range of motion) and force sensors.
  • Wrote software for the user interface on a screen.
  • Crafted firmware capable of reading motion and force sensor data and then, accordingly, moving the motors to the selected mode.
  • Crafted a system that can read electromyogram signals from the muscles in the arm or leg to detect the intention to move, then operate the motors to move the wrist, hand, or ankle as attempted by the patient.

Results & Benefits

  • Successful design of innovative rehabilitation device enhances the recovery process and potential for improved mobility for stroke patients.
  • Optimal performance of the device, offering significant strides in stroke rehabilitation.
  • Successful demonstration of device to assist startup in raising more money.

Stroke Rehabilitation Breakthrough


This project underscores the transformative potential of technology when directed toward a human-centered goal. By combining expert knowledge, innovative thinking, and an unwavering commitment to patient recovery, Voler Systems created a device that truly has the potential to revolutionize stroke rehabilitation.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Voler Systems, we created a device representing a leap forward in patient care. It is a beacon of hope for stroke patients, a testament that we can significantly improve the quality of life.”

 If you have a vision for improving lives through technology, contact Voler Systems today. Together, we can turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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