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Innovating Autonomous Vehicle Technology with Advanced Lidar System


Company: OURS Technology

Industry: Automotive/Autonomous Vehicles

Use Case: Advanced 5D Lidar System for Autonomous Driving

Services Used: FPGA, Electronics, Firmware, Sensors


  • Integrated advanced 5D Lidar system into autonomous vehicles
  • Delivered a fully functional prototype meeting all goals on the first attempt
  • Drove client’s acquisition due to prototype success 

Customer Introduction

OURS Technology developed sensor fusion and optical sensing technology for use in autonomous driving and robotic applications. It specializes in creating advanced Lidar systems crucial for the navigation and safety of self-driving cars. It needed to develop a newer, more accurate Lidar system capable of seeing the world around it and making split-second decisions to avoid potential hazards.


  • Complex integration of components within a compact device

    Develop and integrate a multi-functional Lidar system that combines cameras, MEMS mirrors, and image sensors within a compact design to ensure rapid and accurate real-time environmental data processing for autonomous driving.
  • Thermal and space constraints

    Lidar system is optimized for high-speed data processing and accuracy within the thermal and spatial limitations of a vehicle’s bumper space.
  • Communication and control system integration

    The Lidar system will seamlessly integrate with the car’s existing communication protocols, ensuring real-time decision-making capabilities for autonomous navigation, including braking and steering, based on the environmental data captured.


OURS Technology selected Voler Systems for this project due to Voler’s renowned expertise in electronic design, innovative problem-solving capabilities, and proven track record in delivering complex engineering solutions for high-stakes applications such as autonomous vehicles.

Key solutions provided by Voler included:

  • Developed a six-PCB system tailored to fit within a compact, space-efficient box, ensuring precise component alignment and integration vital for the Lidar’s functionality.
  • Utilized a Zynq FPGA solution to execute complex DSP algorithms, optimizing data processing speed and accuracy for real-time environmental analysis.
  • Conducted extensive analyses to guarantee the system’s performance under strict thermal conditions, with custom-designed laser drivers maintaining optimal operation temperatures and speeds.

Results & Benefits

  • Delivered a fully functional prototype that met all performance objectives on the first attempt, demonstrating the Lidar system’s reliability and effectiveness in real-time environmental sensing. This success significantly reduced development time and costs, accelerating the path to market readiness.
  • Accelerated timeline of corporate acquisition due to prototype success, validating the system’s market viability and enhancing the company’s growth prospects and industry standings.
  • Collaborated to design a system capable of providing critical data for autonomous navigation, opening new avenues for research and development in automotive safety.


Voler Systems is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, transforming innovative ideas into tangible solutions that exceed expectations. Our work with OURS Technology on the advanced 5D Lidar system showcases our commitment to innovation, precision, and excellence.

“Partnering with Voler Systems allowed us to push the limits of Lidar technology, making significant advancements in autonomous vehicle safety and performance. Their expertise was instrumental in achieving our vision.”

At Voler Systems, we specialize in turning complex challenges into groundbreaking solutions. If you’re looking to bring your technological vision to life, let’s collaborate. Contact us today to discover how we can apply our expertise to your project.




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