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Enhancing Personal Safety with Innovative Device Design | Voler Systems


Company: Startup

Industry: Consumer Products

Use Case: Personal Safety Device

Services Used: Hardware, Firmware, Audio


  • Created a tiny personal safety device with high-quality audio
  • Ensured 40-day battery life for long-term reliability
  • Complied with FCC Bluetooth communications, transitioning easily into production

Customer Introduction

This company was a startup in the consumer products industry. It identified a pressing need for a compact and user-friendly personal safety device to call for help that could easily fit in a pocket, purse, or on a keychain around the neck. With one button press, the device would call for help and operate silently just transmitting audio. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. It is primarily designed for use by battered women.


  • Achieve exceptional audio quality in a small, waterproof device that may be worn under clothes.

Ensure top-tier audio quality within a device not exceeding 4 cm in diameter and is waterproof.

  • Design a user-friendly button that is easy to press but avoids accidental activation.

    Electrical engineers will collaborate with the mechanical design partner to balance ease of use and prevent accidental activations.
  • Attain an extended battery life.

Battery system can last an extended period between charges to meet the stringent demands of long-term use.


The company chose Voler Systems to design the innovative personal safety device because of its exceptional expertise and dedication to excellence in electronics and firmware engineering.

  • Ensured waterproof miniature design and exceptional audio quality through close collaboration with the mechanical design team.
  • Implemented electronic debouncing, requiring a deliberate and sustained press for activation.
  • Leveraged low-power design and battery optimization expertise to achieve an impressive 40-day battery life.
  • Directed comprehensive testing to ensure that Bluetooth communication met FCC requirements, a process that necessitated the precise design of electronics and firmware to comply with regulatory standards.

Results & Benefits

  • Device achieved exceptional quality and reliability, enhancing user experience.
  • Extended battery life of 40 days ensures uninterrupted use and convenience.
  • Successful FCC testing and compliance facilitated market entry and established regulatory trust and market credibility.


This project to enhance personal safety was both inspiring and rewarding. Through collaborative efforts, we delivered a device that empowers individuals to stay safe and connected during emergencies.

“The partnership with Voler Systems was instrumental to our success. Their expertise and dedication helped us create a device that ensures individuals have access to help during emergencies.”


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