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Advancing Wearable Tech for Digestive Function Monitoring


Company: G-Tech Medical

Industry: Medical Technology

Use Case: GI Motility Measurement Patch System

Services Used: Electronic Design, Software, Firmware


  • Improved device functionality and battery life
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of data collection and analysis
  • Device met FDA requirements and was ready for manufacturing

Customer Introduction

G-Tech Medical is a leading startup MedTech company that has developed a wireless patch that monitors digestive system functions in patients. The patch system measures GI motility of the stomach, small intestines, and colon.


Gastrointestinal problems are undiagnosed about one-third of the time. Monitoring digestive system function in patients with wearable technology can create a new standard of care to improve a patient’s overall outcome with reduced cost.

  • The electronics in the current patch system had inoperable onboard storage and a questionable sampling rate.

    The data must go from the patient’s body to the data analysis software without losing data integrity or any of the data itself. This wearable technology must take samples at intervals that produce accurate results for diagnosis.
  • The electronics had a short battery life.

    The patch system must have a battery that lasts as long as the data collection period.
  • The patient was not near their smartphone when the device tried to upload a data set.

    The device needed to recognize the smartphone was unavailable and send the data when the smartphone was back in range. 


G-Tech chose to partner with Voler Systems to leverage its vast expertise in electronic design and its comprehensive understanding of strict regulatory requirements for medical device technology.

Voler Systems engineers developed the requirements for an improved patch system and included the following solutions:

  • Updating electronics architecture to improve the patch design
  • Selecting key chips to ensure the end product would meet data, battery, and physician analysis requirements
  • Designing electronics and firmware for patch system
  • Constructing prototypes and testing prototype electronics
  • Creating an iOS app for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Completing the project well under budget

Results & Benefits

  • Improved device wearability and allowed for software and firmware updates over Bluetooth connection.
  • Enabled efficient transmission of data between patient and doctor.
  • Enhanced body-conforming, water-resistant, thin, and light patch design increases patient comfort.
  • Provided non-invasive monitoring of digestive function by measuring muscle activity in the stomach, small intestines, and colon.
  • Increased data collection capacity of the device, allowing for almost a half-day of uninterrupted data collection before needing to connect to a smartphone.
  • Eliminated lost data and enabled cloud-based data analysis by enabling seamless data upload from the device to the cloud.

The upgrade, developed by the Voler engineers working with G-Tech, transformed the patch into a wearable, non-invasive GI Motility Measurement device. It is ready for manufacturing, received FDA approval, and provides an improved customer experience.


This revolutionary wearable technology meets market and clinical needs to create a new standard of care that improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. Voler Systems has helped many companies build next-generation wearable IoT devices for use in the healthcare sector. 

“The Voler team was both very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, even through the inevitable challenges and setbacks encountered in any novel, complex project. We look forward to working with Voler on the next phase of development.” Steve Axelrod, Ph.D., G-Tech Medical President and CEO


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