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Empowering Audio Innovations for the Next-Gen Public Address System


Company: Established Japanese Company

Industry: Industrial Products

Use Case: Audio System Development

Services Used: Analog and Digital Electronics, Firmware, Software, FPGA, DSP


  • Advanced audio processing in next-gen public address system prototype
  • Superior analog-digital audio fusion
  • Scalable FPGA and DSP code integration

Customer Introduction

This Japan-based company is a prominent global leader in public address systems. It was designing its next-generation system with advanced features combining analog and digital audio signals requiring a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for audio signal processing, and a platform for software development.


  • Needs prototype hardware built to test new software features.

    Prototype hardware will be designed to meet rigorous audio performance specifications for both analog and digital audio.
  • Needs coding capabilities to perform essential functions in the FPGA and DSP.

Provide basic FPGA and DSP code designed for flexibility and customer enhancements.

  • Ability to transmit commands to the FPGA and DSP for feature activation.

Firmware facilitates direct command transmission to FPGA and DSP components.


The company selected Voler Systems for this project due to its proven expertise in electronic design solutions and its track record in delivering tailor-made hardware and software integrations, ensuring both precision and timely execution.

Voler Systems engineers provided the following solutions:

  • Created prototype featuring 8 analog audio inputs and outputs and 16 digital audio inputs and outputs, surpassing the audio specifications. The prototype exceeded the audio specifications provided by the customer.
  • Delivered code that provided essential functionalities for the FPGA and DSP that the customer could modify and expand.
  • Developed tailored firmware solution to enable precise dispatch of commands to the FPGA and DSP.

Results & Benefits

  • Rapid prototype development enabled the customer to speed up their project.
  • Providing foundational code for the FPGA and DSP reduced development costs and saved time in implementing software.
  • Creation of firmware for command transmission enhanced user experience and increased product usability and customer satisfaction.
Audio Paging System


The collaboration between the customer and Voler Systems catalyzed the project’s success. Voler’s rapid prototype development and programming empowered the customer to remain on the cutting edge of audio system development, reinforcing its position as a global industry leader.

“Partnering with Voler Systems has been a remarkable experience. Their precision and dedication ensured our project’s success and delivered a solution that perfectly aligned with our vision.”

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