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Advancing Surgical Procedures with Ground-Breaking, Hingeless Surgical Table


Company: Established Medical Device Company

Industry: Medical

Use Case: Moving Surgical Table Compatible with Fluoroscopes

Services Used: Firmware, Motion Control Algorithm


  • Developed a unique, 6-axis, hingeless surgical table
  • Enabled unobstructed fluoroscopy imaging during spine surgery
  • Launched compliant and cutting-edge product successfully to market

Customer Introduction

This medical device company looked to distinguish itself by developing an innovative surgical table compatible with fluoroscopes. Understanding the complexities of designing such a device, they sought the partnership of industry experts in motion control and advanced algorithm creation.


  • Each half of the table needs to perform movements in three independent axes, with the pieces meeting at the center without a metal hinge, which would interfere with fluoroscopy images.

    Design and develop a surgical table that can perform complex movements in two halves housing three motors each. These tables will be used for spine surgeries, and there will be no middle metal hinges to interfere with fluoroscopy.
  • Coordinating the movement of six separate motors.

    The design will facilitate seamless movement while ensuring precise alignment at the “hinge” for patient comfort and ease of use by the doctor.
  • Accurately predicting the position of the “hinge” during operation to avoid the potential of the table tearing apart.

    The design includes controls to accurately predict the “hinge” position while each half moves independently in three axes.
  • The surgical table must meet medical device requirements.

    Develop the design and development processes to adhere to all necessary industry standards and meet the medical software requirements of ISO 62304.


Recognizing the complexities involved in the project, the company decided to partner with an industry expert in motion control and firmware. It also needed a partner with a proven track record in the medical devices field. Voler Systems was chosen based on its extensive experience and capabilities in these areas.

Voler Systems engineers delivered the following solutions:

  • Developed a mathematical model to predict the position of the “hinge” where the two pieces needed to remain together.
  • Wrote and implemented sophisticated software to execute the algorithms created to move the two halves of the table and predict the position of the “hinge” when each half was tilted up and down, rotated, or rolled sideways. Each half of the table included three motors for movement in each of the three axes.
  • Conducted rigorous motion testing under all possible conditions to confirm the functionality and reliability of the algorithms.
  • Ensured medical software requirements were met, including ISO 62304.

Results & Benefits

  • Successful development of a surgical table capable of 6-axis movement without a metallic hinge, providing unparalleled operational precision and flexibility, enhanced patient comfort and surgical outcomes, easier maneuverability by surgeons, and clear imaging due to the absence of metallic hinge interference.
  • Met class II medical device requirements, facilitating its acceptance in the market.
  • Designed surgical table with a novel feature unavailable from competitors, attracting interest and enabling successful sales to medical professionals.


This medical device company sought to revolutionize surgical procedures and chose Voler Systems because this type of breakthrough innovation required expert collaboration.

“With Voler Systems, we found not just a service provider but a partner. Voler’s commitment to precision and its capacity to translate our vision into reality has been remarkable.”

Voler Systems can take your vision and make it a reality. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to create the future of medical technology together.

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