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Breakthrough AR Glasses Developed in Less Than a Year


Company: Rokid

Industry: Consumer and Industrial Products

Use Case: Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses

Services Used: Electronic Design, Firmware


  • Successful AR design showcased at CES conference
  • Met all requirements, including size and weight
  • Delivered design in 6 months

Customer Introduction

Rokid, a China-based startup company, was entering the rapidly growing market for AR glasses. It had strong software skills but little hardware experience.


  • Needed a company with strong skills in electronic design for wearable devices.

    The AR glasses included an integrated wearable computer with the ability to do facial, voice, and hand gesture recognition.
  • Designed for portability while still including all necessary components and features.

The glasses needed to be compact and lightweight, offering high-quality display and powerful computing capabilities.


This company engaged with Voler Systems because of its extensive experience in wearable devices and design for manufacturing.

Voler Systems' engineers designed the circuit for the AR glasses with basically the features of a smartphone. It had a display on the lens, a standard camera, a 3D camera using time-of-flight sensing, a speaker, an IR hand motion sensor, a microphone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. This systematic approach resulted in Voler Systems delivering the following solutions:

  • Collaboration with the mechanical and optical engineers to define the capability.
  • Implementation of all needed features, including the size and weight requirements.
  • Installation of the operating system and ready for the customer to develop software on the glasses.

Results & Benefits

  • Completed design in six months, then designed the second version in another six months with revised requirements. The glasses were ready in time to demonstrate at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
  • Breakthrough wearable design that integrated key technologies such as integrated camera, audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity on the glasses to achieve an authentic AR experience.
  • Glasses run on an open Android-based platform, making them customizable for various applications.


With the integration of various technologies and the open platform on which it was developed, Voler Systems and Rokid demonstrated early on that AR glasses are an innovative and customizable wearable device that can be used in various industries and sectors.

The successful development of the device in less than a year is a testament to Voler's expertise in designing and developing wearable technology.


"The successful development of the AR glasses by Voler Systems showcases their expertise in designing and developing wearable technology. By overcoming challenges in integrating multiple technologies, designing for portability, and customizing for multiple applications, they demonstrated their ability to deliver innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers."


Using a systematic approach coupled with a passion for innovation and quality, Voler Systems can offer you the expertise needed to develop unique wearable technology.

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