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Enhancing AED Monitoring with Innovative Cellular Solution


Company: Annuvia

Industry: Medical products

Use Case: Wireless AED Monitor

Services Used: Electronics, Firmware, Sensors, Wireless Communication


  • Created a device to monitor AED status and relay it monthly via cellular network
  • Enhanced battery life of two years
  • Paved the way for successful company acquisition

Customer Introduction

Annuvia is a startup company that monitors AEDs for compliance. These devices are often found in public buildings and first responder vehicles. Catering to businesses that own multiple AEDs, Annuvia provides monthly checks to ensure these lifesaving devices are operational. Malfunctioning AEDs can cause businesses to lose their Good Samaritan exemption and incur liability. The company needed help developing a wireless AED monitor device.


  • The status of multiple AEDs must be checked and recorded monthly, but they can be hard to locate.

The solution will facilitate both automated and manual checks without interference. The status for all AEDs can be transmitted automatically.

  • The status must be sent from locations that are difficult for wireless communication. Wired communication is impractical, and cellular communications consume a lot of power.

    Develop an energy-efficient, wireless communication solution that ensures reliable status transmissions from challenging locations without relying on impractical wired solutions.
  • Frequent battery replacements due to short lifespan and widespread device locations lead to high costs.

    The device will operate efficiently for at least two years on a single set of batteries.
  • AEDs are kept in various places, such as the trunk of a police car or a brightly lit building, affecting the device's operation.

Engineer a device that functions reliably across various environments, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring.


Annuvia selected Voler Systems for the design development due to Voler's renowned expertise in electronics, firmware, and wireless communications, combined with their proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable solutions tailored to complex challenges.

Voler Systems provided the following solutions:

  • Voler first sought to reduce risk before designing the device by guiding the customer in conducting preliminary tests to ensure cellular data transmission was reliable in challenging locations, such as concrete building basements.
  • Quickly developed an initial prototype, which underwent thorough testing in various lighting conditions and worked well. Feedback led to an enhanced second prototype, integrated with an LED and camera chip, all finalized in only three weeks.
  • Consulted with an industry partner to confirm from the FDA that the solution was not categorized as a medical device, leading to substantial savings in development costs.
  • Completed all preliminary tests and iterations and delivered a fully functional and efficient production version of the device.

Results & Benefits

  • Careful design of the electronics and firmware allowed the device to operate for two years on two AA batteries, dramatically reducing maintenance and battery replacement costs.
  • Design facilitated manual and automated status checks without interference, reducing human error and increasing reliability in AED status reporting.
  • Innovative product stability increased Annuvia's value, elevating the company's market positioning and leading to a successful acquisition by a larger enterprise.

AED Monitor


The journey to develop an advanced monitoring solution wasn't just about technology—it was about ensuring safety, trust, and peace of mind for countless individuals. This project is a testament to our belief that we can together craft solutions that merge innovation with real-world impact, turning visions into lifesaving realities.

"Voler Systems provided unwavering professionalism and timely deliverables throughout our AED monitor project. Their extensive Silicon Valley connections and candid advice have been invaluable. Voler's commitment to finding the best solutions has not only met our project goals but has also inspired new avenues of thinking. We eagerly look forward to partnering with Voler Systems again."

Transform your medical tech challenges into innovative solutions with Voler Systems. Let's shape healthcare's future together. Contact us to start your journey.

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