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Transforming Mobile Asset Tracking and Data Management with Innovative Tag and Reader System



Company: Privately-Held Organization

Industry: Asset Data Tracking

Use Case: Asset Tag and Reader

Services Used: Software, Firmware, Electronic Design, Ultra-Low Power, Analog Circuit Design


  • Asset tag designed for extended battery life to ensure consistent, long-term data collection, even in remote areas
  • Innovative mobile reader for accurate data capture in motion
  • Reliable data transmission to the cloud

Customer Introduction

This customer is an innovative, privately-held organization based in Texas specializing in asset data tracking, data transmission, and cloud storage. It wanted to advance its tag and reader system for accurate data collection and transmission on assets, often located in remote locations.


  • Extended battery life for outdoor asset tags

    Maintaining uninterrupted data transmission and operations is critical, especially in remote or outdoor settings where charging or replacing batteries in the asset tag is not feasible.
  • Efficient analysis of data from mobile readers in motion

    The reader must be powered by the asset and accurately capture tag information, even when the asset is in motion.
  • Reliable and autonomous data collection and transmission to the cloud

    Data must be gathered from the tag, sent to the reader, and transferred to the client cloud. The system must leverage cellular protocols, often in remote locations, to maintain a connection and get information to the cloud.


Voler Systems was chosen to lead this project due to its extensive experience and proven expertise in custom electronics design, particularly in wireless communication and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Voler Systems provided the following solutions to help the client achieve its goal:

  • Created a low-power tag to track asset location and collect data with extended battery life.
  • Developed a reader (intelligent harness) powered by the asset that can quickly read each asset tag among many.
  • Customized Wi-Fi protocols for asset tag and reader that do not require pairing, configuration, data connection, or personally identifiable information (PII) and can operate and store data until a connection is available for transmission to the cloud.
  • Introduced error-checking mechanisms to identify and correct data transmission errors.

Results & Benefits

  • Newly designed asset tag features and extended battery life suitable for long-term outdoor mobile use, providing consistent data collection and reduced maintenance costs.
  • The ability to read each tag accurately in the presence of many tags.
  • Using energy-efficient transmission protocols substantially extended asset tag battery life, allowing devices to operate longer, and improving overall system performance and reliability.
  • The design ensured reliable data collection, significantly reducing data loss in challenging network conditions.
  • Readers (intelligent harnesses) ensured seamless cloud data transmission, strengthening data integrity and accessibility.
  • Acknowledgment and error-checking mechanisms ensured high data accuracy, improving the overall quality of the data processed and stored.
  • The system significantly increased operational efficiency by maintaining a continuous data flow, leading to more accurate and timely business insights and reduced costs.

Voler Systems' expertise significantly enhanced the client's data management capabilities by successfully designing and implementing an advanced asset tag and reader.


This project is being executed in phases, and Voler engineers continue to make advancements in the tag and reader system, demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

"Partnering with Voler Systems has allowed us to overcome significant challenges, ensuring reliable, energy-efficient data collection and transmission even in the most demanding conditions. Their continuous advancements in our asset tag and reader system exemplify dedication to excellence and innovation."

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