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Sensors, Power Management, Wireless, and Medical Device Expertise

Entrust your wearable technology product design to Voler’s expert low-power design team. Our experts combine decades of electronic design experience on hundreds of projects across a wide spectrum of sensors, power, and wireless communication.

Sensor-Based Wearable Devices

We are sensor experts and have developed many wearable technology products and medical devices by managing the design trade-offs between size, power, and cost. We select the best wireless standard for your application (see our Guide to Wireless Standards).

Ultra Low-Power Design

We develop ultra low-power designs with sensors and wireless communication for wearable technology products. This includes embedded software to collect data, monitor the status of the sensor devices, and over-the-air software updates. We support application-level system management and analytics software on gateways or in the cloud.

Medical Device Experts

Voler’s expert medical device team has decades of design experience on hundreds of projects across a wide spectrum of medical devices from class I to class III. We perform risk analysis and verification testing, and we work with your quality system.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our team can take on complete responsibility for all aspects of development, or we can share the responsibility with your in-house team.

Our partners can provide mechanical design, optical design, quality and regulatory work, transfer to manufacturing, manufacturing on-shore or off-shore, and other services to provide complete product development.



Watch a Presentation on Building a Better Wearable Device and Getting it Cleared Through the FDA


Universal Health-Sensor Platform Highlighted in Steve Leibson’s Article "A Kit of Its Own"

We were delighted to be featured by Steve Leibson, in the Electronic Engineering Journal, A Kit of Its Own: Voler Systems’ Health-Sensor Platform- Company Creates Pre-Engineered Prototyping Kit for Wireless IoT Medical Apps.

Leibson’s article describes an afternoon he spent with Walt Maclay, Voler’s CEO, where Walt demonstrated the Voler Health-Sensor Platform on Leibson. Leibson’s article details the cost and time advantages the platform offers when prototyping a wearable medical device.

We were also featured in the Podcast called Lab to Startup by Naresh Sunkara, Ph.D., where we talk about Lessons learned from designing electronics, firmware, and software with a focus on wearable devices. In this podcast, Walt talks about:

  • Current and future states of the wearable industry 
  • Remote monitoring of patients is here to stay (thanks to COVID) and wearables are going to play a big role
  • Advances in low power communication direct to the internet
  • Phases of product development
  • Risk management in prototype development
  • How to respond to an investor when she/he asks an entrepreneur about the price of a product

Click here to listen to the podcast.


Designing Wearable Technology For Healthcare


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