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Overcoming Barriers in Fitness Wearables with Groundbreaking ECG Measurement Technology



Company: Startup Medical Device Company

Industry: Consumer Health

Use Case: Electrocardiogram Pants

Services Used: Algorithm Design, Firmware, Testing


  • Created algorithm and firmware to deliver successful ECG readings
  • Developed data collection process and in-depth analysis
  • Optimized device for low-power consumption

Customer Introduction

This company is a small medical device startup. It was developing electrocardiogram (ECG) pants as its first product offering and needed help creating a solution that could adequately measure ECG signals.


  • The organization could not create the necessary firmware for the project.

Previous efforts to create the firmware for the ECG pants have been unsuccessful. A company with the necessary expertise will be consulted to develop an algorithm to create the firmware.

  • The ECG signal weakens when recorded at a distance from the heart and is compounded during physical activity.

    The pants are worn during running and other activities. The solution should accurately capture and successfully measure ECG signals during exercise.
  • It is hard to obtain a satisfactory signal from dry electrodes.

    Dry electrodes are more convenient to use than wet electrodes. The design should effectively pick up signals from dry electrodes, providing a level of accuracy comparable to that of wet electrodes.


The company engaged with Voler Systems because of its extensive experience in wearable devices and ECG measurements. Voler's engineers used a systematic approach to provide the following solutions:

  • Created an algorithm to recover the signal even with movement distortion and a very low-level input signal.
  • Developed a device to collect data from volunteers performing various exercises and movements.
  • Tested the algorithm successfully using Matlab software.
  • Created firmware using the algorithm.

Results & Benefits

  • Optimized algorithm that could accurately measure the ECG signals.
  • Efficient performance design to consume minimal power and extend the product's battery life.
  • Effective development of algorithm and firmware allowed for a successful introduction of pants to market.
EKG Pants


The forward-thinking startup had a revolutionary idea of a pair of workout pants capable of measuring electrocardiogram during exercise. Despite the inherent challenges, they were determined to bring this concept to life and turned to Voler Systems for help. Voler used its expertise and passion for problem-solving to create an efficient, effective, and successful device.

"When we hit a wall with the ECG measurement, Voler Systems came to the rescue. They transformed what seemed like an insurmountable challenge into an innovative solution that saved the project from failure."

Using a systematic approach coupled with a passion for innovation and quality, Voler Systems can offer you the expertise needed to develop unique wearable devices.

Contact us and let us help you achieve success as you make a positive impact on patient care.

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