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Voler Systems: Server Teardown Powers R&D and Innovation


Company: Fortune 500 Internet Company

Industry: Large Data Center Computer System

Use Case: Server Teardown

Services Used: Electronic Design, Analog Circuit Design, Test Systems, Mechanical Design for Manufacturability, Cost Analysis, Process Analysis, Supply Chain Logistics


  • Enabled design enhancement opportunities through detailed component analysis
  • Provided insights into competitive designs and costs
  • Empowered the R&D team with hands-on analysis

Customer Introduction

This global tech leader, renowned for cutting-edge advancements in internet services, cloud computing, and software, looked to leverage a competitor server teardown analysis to benchmark / inspire its product development, competitive strategies, and business performance.


  • Staying current with the latest technology trends and advancements in server hardware is time-consuming and resource intensive, and the customer did not have a dedicated team for product teardowns.

    The teardown analysis would enhance the R&D and Logistics departments' efforts by providing insights into the latest tech trends and server hardware innovations, enabling the company to improve its product offerings and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of competitors' design choices, component selection, manufacturing techniques, costs, and more, can be challenging.

    The company wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of competitors' server products to benchmark their offerings, identify differentiation opportunities, and optimize pricing and logistics strategies.


Voler Systems and Fusion Design were chosen as the joint electrical and mechanical assessment team on this project because of their extensive experience in electrical and mechanical development across a wide range of systems and their meticulous attention to detail in teardown analysis.

The team provided the following solutions to help the client achieve its goal:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of four circuit boards, focusing on critical aspects including:
    • Components
    • Circuit Design
    • Power Management
    • Assembly Techniques
    • Thermal Design
    • Manufacturing Quality and Design
  • Comprehensive evaluation of dozens of mechanical parts/assemblies with a focus on:
    • Manufacturing techniques to minimize part count
    • Reusability and Serviceability
    • Tooling Approach
    • Cooling Solutions
    • Mechanical Hardware
    • Packaging
  • Delivered cost and insights for all electrical and mechanical components
  • Upon completion, the individual components were packaged for review by the company's R&D team.

Results & Benefits

  • Comprehensive analysis of the electrical layout provided valuable insights into the data and power flow within the server, allowing the company to optimize its own circuit designs.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the mechanical components provided valuable insights into high-density mechanical fitment and manufacturing techniques. These observations shared many ways to design the product for manufacturing, rapid serviceability, and product reconfiguration methods.
  • Detailed assessments helped the company understand competitors' server design and pricing.
  • Delivery of disassembled server components allowed the R&D team to review and analyze each part, fostering a deeper understanding and more effective innovation when designing their own servers.

Voler Systems experts partnered with a mechanical engineering firm and provided the electrical analysis resulting in a full report with insights and cost studies the company could use for improved performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


The meticulous analysis and cross-industry collaboration required for the server teardown underscores Voler Systems' and Fusion Design's dedication to their customers' needs and passion for innovation.

"Voler Systems' and Fusion Design's comprehensive teardown analysis of the server's electrical and mechanical components and design provided us with a wealth of practical insights and understanding that will serve as a roadmap for our R&D team and drive future server designs."

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