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Voler Systems hosts Meetups and Webinars most months on topics that are relevant to IoT, wearable devices, medical devices, sensors, wireless, ultra low power, electronic design, motion control, FPGA development, and more. Here are the latest upcoming events and links to sign up to join us.


Do You Know What Your Competitive Edge Is? Creating the Potential for Persistent Returns.

Online Webinar

Shmuel SilvermanSpeaker: Shmuel Silverman, CEO & Founder of Multi-Innovation

Details: Please join Miguel Adao, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Voler Systems, and Shmuel Silverman, CEO & Founder of Multi-Innovation, for an insightful session focused on creating your competitive edge.  

What does your company do that compels your clients to buy from you and no one else?  Most CEOs think they know. Some just assume that they have a competitive edge. But many don't.

At every growth stage of your business, understanding and protecting your competitive edge is imperative in order to leverage the market and protect your business from competitors.

During this presentation, attendees will understand what a competitive edge is and how to strategically use their IP portfolio to protect their business. Don’t miss out!

Date and Time: March 30 2023
12:00 PM Pacific Time

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Learn from a Pro: Tips and Tricks on Fundraising, Exit Strategies, M&A, IPO Considerations, and More.

Online Webinar

Angel Orrantia-2

Speaker: Angel Orrantia, President of i2i Corporate Strategies

Details: Please join Miguel Adao, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Voler Systems, and Angel Orrantia, President of i2i Corporate Strategies, for an insightful and interactive session focused on fundraising, exit strategies and succession planning.

Whether you’re a new startup looking for your first round of funding, or you're looking to either be acquired or to go the IPO route, we’ve got you covered.  

We’ll provide some useful tips for you, as well as current market trends.  Don’t miss out!

Date and Time: February 23 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

"Organizational Culture - Creating an Organization That Doesn't Suck Your Will To Live"

Online Webinar

Kimberly Wiefling

Speaker: Kimberly Wiefling, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Alliances

Details: An Organization’s DNA is the historical reason why groups of people behave the way they do. It is the genetic code at the root of these behaviors. You could spend 20 years, as Kimberly has, reading a pile of books, digging through data, experimenting, and exploring what makes for an effective company culture that produces predictable and repeatable results without sucking people’s will to live…or you could just implement the methods proven to work by years of statistically valid research!

A good place to start is your own personal commitment to absolute integrity in everything you say and do, and a passion for enabling others to achieve their greatest potential through your work together.

In this webinar, we'll explore how to engage your people in a personal journey to discover your organization’s unique identity, and then use that shared identity to create truly engaged employees and a truly cohesive team.

Date and Time: January 12 2023
12:00 PM Pacific Time

Learning from Bruce Lee: Applying Martial Art Philosophy to Business Management

Online Webinar

Robert De Neve-1

Speaker: Robert De Neve - Managing Director, Applied Manufacturing Group

Details: Entrepreneurs, engineers and executives alike can all benefit from Bruce Lee’s “Warrior Ethos”.

Robert will talk about how Bruce’s unique approach to martial arts can be translated into business:

  • Human Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Asset Capital
  • Process Capital
  • Financial Capital

These five types of capital determine the skills and experience requirements that business and technology leaders need to develop, in order to survive and thrive in today’s competitive high-tech landscape. 

Date and Time: December 07 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

Wearables for the Ear: Medical and Personal Applications for
Ear-Worn Devices

Online Webinar

Gary Spittle

Speaker: Gary Spittle – Founder & CEO, Sonical

Details: We use our ears to make sense of what is going on around us, to interact with other people, and to learn. And with the use of headphones, we can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, watch movies, make phone calls, and play games…

But in addition to listening to the world and listening to audio, we can also listen to our bodies! The ear is an incredibly rich source of information for our general health and wellness. We can gather metrics such as heart rate and heart-rate variability, oxygen level, motion, temperature, brain activity, voice metrics, and many other things. Regular monitoring of this data can provide essential insight and early warning signals, which can enable medical professionals to better diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.

The next generation of ear-worn devices is coming.

Date and Time: October 26 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

Mobile Health Mega-Trends Webinar

Online Webinar

Speakers: NowSecure Chief Mobility Officer Brian Reed and Voler Systems President Walt Maclay

brian-reed-319-1 Walt-Maclay-2019-400x400-2

Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure


Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems


Discussion topics include:
  • Security & Privacy
  • Interoperability & Connectivity
  • Healthcare IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Sensor-based Medical Devices
  • Power Management & Motion Control

Date and Time: September 15 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

The Post-Pandemic ‘New Normal’ is Here to Stay: Remote Patient Monitoring

Online Webinar

Sam LiuSpeaker: Sam Liu, VP of Marketing at VivaLNK

Details: The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote patient monitoring technologies in multiple medical domains around the world. In this session, we'll examine actual uses of remote patient monitoring in real-world applications for both virtual care and clinical trials.

Date and Time: July 20 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

How to Drive Success in IoT Product Development from a Designer's Point of View

Online Webinar and In-Person at the Voler Systems Office

Arne Lang-Ree-1

Speaker: Arne Lang-Ree, Co-Founder & CDO at Spanner Product Development

Details: Devices in the IoT universe are at increased susceptibility to a technology-first approach to design since market acceptance places much value on bleeding edge technologies. Certainly, while optimal performance achieved with leading technologies can play an important role in the success of a new product, we will talk about other perspectives and practices driving success through design, maybe with even greater influence on product success than the specific technologies employed.

Date and Time: June 23 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

Adhesive Challenges with Wearables and IoT Devices

Events Header-2

Designing a medical device has many challenges. Creating wearable medical devices that stick to the skin is high on that list of challenges. For wearable devices to function as intended, they need to have a secure, reliable hold for the desired duration of use. Adhesives play a crucial role in ensuring that devices don’t fall off or injure the skin.

JoAnne Moody explores selecting adhesives for Wearable & IoT Devices in this session. Based on the increasing trend for devices attached to the skin, it is essential to consider adhesive selection early in the design phase. Key factors to consider include device design and application needs, such as wear time, wear location, sterilization, and biocompatibility. Skin adhesive development steps involve mockup prototypes and tests.

Speaker: JoAnne Moody, Principal Consultant and President of Zeta Scientific LLC

Date and Time: April 06 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

8 Best Practices of Product Realization

Events Header-2

Learn the 8 Best Practices of Product Realization to successfully launch your product into the market on time and within budget.

In this webinar, you will learn the critical warning signs of an unsuccessful product launch including:

  1. Slipping schedule
  2. Exceeding budget
  3. Missing product requirements

Speakers: Michael Keer, Shirish Joshi, Jay Feldis, and Mark Frederick

Date and Time: May 17 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

How to Successfully Bring a Product to Market

Events Header-2

Is your R&D on mute? Advances in component technology have enabled new design and development options for a host of medical and consumer medical devices.  Material science, miniaturization, higher capacities, and manufacturing process improvements all can contribute to better, faster, cheaper products. Wow!  But technology (and a great dev team) alone don’t ensure an on-time, on-budget launch nor market uptake.

 How do companies and entrepreneurs get ahead of the game, given equal access to new technologies?  Where and when in the development process should you double down your bets? How can you uberize your innovation, and for uptake among which segments and customers?

View the presentation and discussion on how to increase the odds of successfully bringing a product to market.

Speaker: Jessica Ching, Digital Health Commercialization Innovator, Speaker & Executive

Date and Time: March 16 2022
12:00 PM Pacific Time

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