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Tracking Success: Overcoming Prototype Hurdles to Achieve Market-Leading Performance in Wearable Golf Tech


Company: Active Mind Technology

Industry: Software Development

Use Case: Wearable Golf Motion Detection Tracking Device 

Services Used: Software, Testing


  • Improved software and innovative testing methodology
  • Accurate and consistent data collection
  • Significant reduction in customer-reported problems

Customer Introduction

Active Mind Technology is a software development company and maker of GameGolf, a wearable golf shot-tracking system. The device uses GPS to track location, accelerometers to track swing motions and related information, and Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to identify golf clubs. The company needed help after early prototypes exhibited erratic behavior. 


  • Erratic behavior in early prototypes causes inaccuracies in the data collected

    The company needs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of every measurement made by the golf device.
  • Underperforming software contributes to inconsistent device behavior

    The device software should be stable and enhance the performance and reliability of the device.
  • Lack of reliable way to test and provide software updates to the device

    There will be a robust and reliable testing methodology that can be used after every new software release to ensure ongoing product reliability.


The customer chose Voler Systems for this project due to its extensive expertise in developing and improving wearable device software and its demonstrated ability to devise innovative and effective testing methodologies.

After a thorough review of the issues, Voler System engineers delivered the following solutions:

  • Developed enhanced software to rectify erratic behaviors contributing to measurement inaccuracies.
  • Identified the need for better testing of software prior to releasing new versions and designed unique testing solutions, including a “test wheel” that simulates real-world usage conditions and captures reliable data over extended periods.
  • Established a repeatable software update procedure to verify the accuracy and reliability of the device following every software update.

Results & Benefits

  • Improved software and dependable testing methodology ensuring ongoing product reliability.
  • Accurate and consistent data collection enhances the product’s trustworthiness
  • Increased product accuracy and reliability significantly reduced customer-reported problems, freeing up technical support staff for proactive improvement initiatives.
active mind game system


This project is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and commitment to quality. Faced with challenges with its golf GPS tracking device, the customer turned to Voler Systems, and the potential setbacks were turned into stepping stones to excellence.

Voler Systems didn’t just fix our issues; they gave us a game-changing approach. Their innovative solutions have made our device more accurate and reliable and a benchmark for quality in the market.”

Let Voler Systems be your partner in developing innovative solutions that ensure the reliability and performance of your products. Contact us today.

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