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Bone Drill Innovation Transforms the Surgical Landscape


Company: Medical Device Startup

Industry: Medical

Use Case: Bone Drill for Surgical Applications

Services Used: Electronics, Firmware, Motion Detection, Sensors


  • Innovative & precise bone drill design
  • Swift class II medical device approval
  • Highly successful design in the medical device market

Customer Introduction

This medical device startup was designing its first product, a bone drill for surgical applications. It did not have the necessary expertise in electronics, software/firmware, motion control, or medical devices. The company sought a partner with these skills to bring the drill to fruition.


  • Lacked technical expertise in electronics, software, firmware, motion control, sensor technology, and medical devices that were crucial for developing the device.

    Partner with an experienced entity to lend their expertise and aid in the seamless development of the product.
  • Detecting the completion of drilling.

    Implement depth-sensing and force measurements for accurate control of the drill to detect the completion of drilling and instantly halt the drill accurately and prevent damage to soft tissue.


The customer chose Voler Systems for this project due to its extensive expertise in developing electronics, motion control, firmware, and medical devices.

Voler System engineers delivered the following solutions:

  • Designed sophisticated electronics to control the drill motor and accurately read the drilling speed and pressure.
  • Wrote software to operate the motor and monitor the speed and pressure.
  • Established detection algorithm by conducting a series of experiments to develop the correct algorithm that could accurately detect changes in speed and pressure, thus indicating the completion of drilling.
  • Ensured precision by stopping the drill within one-quarter millimeter after breaking through the bone.
  • Adhered to stringent design controls to ensure the bone drill complied with FDA submission guidelines.

Results & Benefits

  • Precision performance forces drill to stop before reaching soft tissue, avoiding damage and promoting safer surgical procedures. This precision increased the confidence of surgeons while operating and minimized the risk of complications for patients.
  • Diligent design controls enabled the drill to quickly gain FDA approval. This accelerated approval time meant the product could be brought to market sooner, giving the startup a competitive advantage.
  • The innovative bone drill was a market success by saving time and improving patient outcomes.
  • Precision control and automatic stoppage of the drill when passing through the bone led to improved patient outcomes, shorter surgical times, and less soft tissue damage.
Bone Drill


This project is a testament to the power of innovative thinking and strategic partnerships. Voler leveraged our expertise to the fullest to create a groundbreaking product that could forge a path to transforming surgical outcomes and patient experiences.

“Partnering with Voler Systems was a turning point for us. Their expertise and commitment turned our ambitious vision into a groundbreaking reality and helped to set a new standard in surgical outcomes.”

Our team of expert engineers and passionate problem-solvers is eager to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to begin your journey toward groundbreaking innovation.

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