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Our engineering design consultants are highly experienced with all types of sensors, sensor integration, and sensor signal conditioning with our analog consulting. From temperature to vision sensors we have interfaced them to circuits of all types.

Sensors we are familiar with

Expert Design Engineering

The difference between prototype and production hardware

Recent Sensor Projects

We deliver tested, robust solutions to meet your business needs.
Vision and Temperature Sensing

This board controls the heating and camera in a rework...

Mass flow sensor

We have many years of analog circuit design experience, and...

Sensor Calibration Verifies Accuracy

By Walt Maclay

Prototype Catheter Measures Heart Muscle

Voler developed a circuit to measure the impedance of...

Risk Management For Component Selection

Voler provided component selection and evaluation,...

Software: Testing Motion Detection for Wearable Devices

Sports has come a long way with the help of technology with...

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