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Sensors are used in many applications including medical technology, wearables, automobiles, smartphones, gaming devices, cameras, IoT, fitness devices, security, and more. As sensor technology continues to improve, it's allowing devices to become smaller and more accurate.

The right sensor can literally revolutionize your device.

Our engineering design consultants are highly experienced with all types of sensors, sensor integration, and sensor signal conditioning. From temperature to vision sensors we have interfaced them to circuits of all types.

Here is a list of sensors that Voler is experienced with; Parameters listed first and the type of Sensors listed underneath:
Light Level
  • pyronometer
  • radiation pyrometer
  • photoconductor
  • photodiode
Visibility, Opacity
  • ultraviolet sensor
  • infrared sensor
  • optical sensor
  • laser sensor
Nuclear Radiation
  • alpha detector
  • beta detector
  • x-ray detector
  • gamma detector
Fluid Pressure
Humidity and Dew point
  • hygrometer
  • psychrometer
Air Speed, Wind Speed
  • rotating anemometer
  • heated wire anemometer
  • frequency meter
  • tachometer
Rain Fall
  • rain gauge
  • wetness sensor
Stress, Strain
  • strain gauge
Wind Direction
  • wind vane
Weight, Force, Tension
  • load cell
  • torque sensor
  • force sensor
  • rotary encoder
  • potentiometer
  • RVDT
  • tachometer
  • inductance-coil pulse
  • generator
Liquid Level
Gas Concentration (in air)
  • chemical detector
  • electrochemical cell
Chemical Concentration (in water)
  • electrochemical cell
  • chromatograph
  • ph sensor
  • wattmeter
Vision, Image
  • camera
  • microphone
Chemical Composition
  • gas chromatograph
  • mass spectrometer
  • chromatograph
  • colorimeter
Magnetic Fields
  • magnetometer
  • magneto-inductive sensor
  • magnetorestrictive sensor
  • Hall effect sensor
  • frequency meter
  • tachometer
Light Wavelength, Color
  • spectrometer
Physiological Sensors
  • heart rate
  • EKG (or ECG)
  • EEG
  • EMG
  • blood oxygen
  • blood pressure
  • skin temperature
  • Glucose
  • motion
  • position
  • photoelectric sensor
  • fiber optic sensor
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • magnetorestrictive sensor
  • eddy current sensor
  • capacitive distance sensor
  • string potentiometer
  • LVDT
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • laser sensor
  • turbine flow meter
  • mass flow meter
  • orifice plate with pressure sensor

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