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A Technical Journey to Revive a Stethoscope/ECG Solution


Company: Silicon Valley Startup

Industry: Medical Products

Use Case: Electronic Stethoscope with Built-In Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Services Used: Electronics, Audio


  • Successfully redesigned prototype
  • Enhanced prototype performance
  • Prepared the company to seek further funding

Customer Introduction

This company was entering the market by developing an affordable stethoscope/ECG device for use in developing countries. At the time, the company had a prototype encountering technical challenges, causing it not to work correctly.


  • Prototype electronics generated poor-quality signals and proved challenging to assemble.

    Repair electronic signal issues while optimizing the device’s assembly process.
  • Company lacked the expertise to investigate issues and make recommendations for device problems.

    Engage with a partner to conduct an assessment, identify root causes, and propose effective solutions.


The company chose Voler Systems to address prototype challenges because of its demonstrated history of solving complex technical issues and providing innovative solutions.

  • Conducted an in-depth review of the existing design, identifying critical issues that required attention to solve several prototype problems.
  • Developed a new circuit that was more reliable and easier to assemble.
  • Created a circuit that integrated into the existing small enclosure.

Results & Benefits

  • Designed new circuit with improved signal quality and reliability to help company prepare for further funding.
  • Delivered streamlined assembly process, reducing production time and risk of errors.
  • Designed compact form factor to fit in existing small enclosure.


The startup was dedicated to developing an affordable stethoscope with a built-in ECG tailored for deployment in resource-constrained countries. Voler Systems was chosen for the project due to its audio and electronic expertise.

“Voler Systems solved several issues, setting the stage for future funding.”


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