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Custom Switch Card Drives Innovation & Efficiency in Semiconductor Testing


Company: Nextest Systems

Industry: Semiconductor

Use Case: Custom Switch Card

Services Used: Electronic Design, Analog Circuit Design, Test Systems


  • Met project goals and delivered a working prototype
  • Custom switch card significantly enhanced testing speed and efficiency
  • Improved data processing and system reliability

Customer Introduction

Nextest specializes in the development of advanced testing equipment for memory chips. These chips are essential components in everything from large data centers to mobile devices, with production volumes reaching into the millions.


  • Needed extremely high-speed testing to handle the vast volume of memory chips efficiently.

    Enhance the parallel throughput of testing data transmission without compromising accuracy or channel speed.
  • Complex equipment integration for optimal performance

    Ensure robust integration and communication between the Voler switch card and the IT and control units within the testing machinery.
  • Existing challenges within the configuration of Broadcom switch chips, which are not fully detailed in datasheets.

    Overcome technical bottlenecks by working with Broadcom FAES to resolve issues on properly implementing PHY and switch chips.


Nextest chose Voler Systems for its proven switch card technology expertise and seamless integration of complex systems.

Voler Systems delivered the following solutions:

  • Engineered a custom switch card facilitating effective top-to-bottom management of input/output operations within the customer’s testing machinery.
  • Leveraged technical consultations with Broadcom to fine-tune the switch with PHY chips to enhance data handling capabilities at variable speeds.
  • Collaborated to meet project performance parameters efficiently and deliver a working prototype.

Results & Benefits

  • The custom switch card and optimized chip configurations led to significantly higher throughput in testing processes, increasing efficiency and reducing operational times and costs.
  • Effectively integrating the switch card with IT and control units. This integration enhanced reliability and performance, which are crucial for maintaining high-quality standards in chip testing.
  • Addressed undocumented nuances of Broadcom chips, solving implementation issues that Voler discovered.


Nextest aimed to set new industry benchmarks by significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of its memory chip testing processes. Voler Systems was chosen because this type of breakthrough innovation required expert collaboration.

“Voler Systems was instrumental in overcoming the technical challenges we faced in testing memory chips. Their expertise in switch card technology and proactive approach in chip configuration played a pivotal role in enhancing our testing processes.”

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