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We provide electronic product design consulting services for many industries, including wearable, IoT, wireless, medical, robotics, and motion control. Take advantage of our impressive track record of first-time-right designs. Speed up your wearable electronic product design without sacrificing quality by using our experienced project management consulting services and rigorous design methodology.

Electronic Design Consultant Services

Entrust your product design with Voler’s expert electronics design services – combining decades of electronic design experience on hundreds of projects across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. We are experts in digital and analog electronics product design.

Leverage Our Partners

Improve your competitive advantage and streamline the entire product lifecycle – from concept and design through to production and sustaining engineering – by taking advantage of Voler’s tightly-knit partnerships with Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing partners.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our wearable electronic product design consulting team can take on complete responsibility for all aspects of development, or we can share the responsibility with your in-house team.

The Engineering Team that Delivers

Voler Systems specializes in providing full-service electronic design services, from concept and design through to transfer to production. We have completed hundreds of projects over the years. Accelerate your time to market by partnering with our multidisciplinary team of 30+ experts and our partners in industrial design, mechanical design, optical design, transfer to manufacturing, manufacturing, and logistics.


FPGA and CPLD developmentSensorsWirelessMotion ControlEmbedded Systems • System architecture • Firmware development • Board Design • Analog design • Power supply design


Medical devices • Home Health • Wearables • Industrial automation • Power and green energy • Consumer electronics

Case Studies

Voler’s Electronic Digital Design Services

Voler Systems: Enhanced AED Monitoring with Cellular Solutio

Company: Annuvia Industry: Medical products Use Case:...

Empowering Audio Innovations for the Next-Gen Public Address System

Company: Established Japanese Company Industry: Industrial...

Empowering a Medical Startup with Swallow Evaluation Device Innovation

Company: Japanese Startup Industry: Medical Products Use...

Gravity-Defying Success: FDA Approval Journey of an Innovative Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Company: AlterG Industry: Medical and Consumer Products Use...

Breakthrough AR Glasses Developed in Less Than a Year

Company: Rokid Industry: Consumer and Industrial Products...

Bone Drill Innovation Transforms the Surgical Landscape

Company: Medical Device Startup Industry: Medical Use Case:...

Advancing Stroke Rehabilitation: Breakthrough Device Enhances Patient Recovery and Mobility

Company: Medical Device Startup Industry: Medical Use Case:...

Advancing Surgical Procedures with Ground-Breaking, Hingeless Surgical Table

Company: Established Medical Device Company Industry:...

Embedded Programming | Voler Systems

Company: MedTech Start-Up Industry: Medical Devices Use...

Heart Pump Console Software Passes FDA Review with Zero Conditions, Facilitating Faster Path to Clinical Trials

Company: Fortune 500 Medical Device Company Industry:...

Advanced Liquid Biopsy Device Development by Voler Systems

Company: Guangzhou EZLife BioSci Tech Co. Ltd Industry:...

Voler Systems: Dry Eye Treatment Wearable Device

Company: Eye Care Technology Company Industry: Medical...

Electro-Cardiogram Pants - | Voler Systems

Company: Startup Medical Device Company Industry: Consumer...

Revitalizing Sleep Monitoring: Voler Systems Case Study

Company: Somnology Industry: Digital Healthcare Products...

Advancing Wearable Tech for Digestive Function Monitoring

Company: G-Tech Medical Industry: Medical Technology Use...

Enhancing Commercial Restroom Maintenance with Innovative Water Sensor Technology

Company: Privately-held Startup Industry: Commercial...

Transforming Asset Tracking & Data Management - Voler Systems

Company: Privately-Held Organization

Compact, High-Performance Night Vision Camera with FPGA Design | Voler Systems

Company: Large Aerospace Company Industry: Military Use...

Luxury Car Auxiliary Battery Design | Voler Systems Case Study

Company: Small Startup Company Industry: Consumer Products...

Voler Systems: Server Teardown Powers R&D and Innovation

Company: Fortune 500 Internet Company Industry: Large Data...

Expert Analog Design: High-Accuracy Mass Flow Sensor | Voler Systems

Company: SMB Sensing Instrument Manufacturer Industry:...

Wi-Fi Dog Dish Revolution: Optimizing Pet Health with Precision Technology

Company: Startup Consumer Products Company Industry:...

Turning Ideas into Sound with Innovative Audio Notetaker

Company: TapperTalk Industry: Consumer products Use Case:...

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