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Revitalizing Sleep Monitoring: Voler Systems Case Study


Company: Somnology

Industry: Digital Healthcare Products

Use Case: Home-Based Sleep Monitoring Device

Services Used: Hardware, Problem-Solving Expertise


  • Realized significant cost and time savings by adopting the recommended off-the-shelf solution
  • Achieved timely and budget-aligned sleep data acquisition through strategic collaboration
  • Verified software algorithms for accurate and efficient sleep monitoring

Customer Introduction

Traditionally, sleep monitoring requires individuals to spend nights in unfamiliar environments such as sleep labs. Somnology set out to change this paradigm by offering home-based sleep monitoring that is as accurate, if not more so, than traditional sleep labs while significantly cutting costs.


  • Inconsistent data collection for patient’s typical sleep patterns.

    Develop a device that provides reliable home-based monitoring for accurately monitoring sleep patterns in the comfort of a patient’s home.
  • Proof of concept device malfunctions, preventing verification of software algorithms.

    The device will function as intended for effective sleep monitoring from a patient’s home.
  • High costs associated with sleep labs require specialized equipment, trained personnel, and facility maintenance, all contributing to these costs being passed on to patients.

    Identify and implement strategies to reduce the costs associated with sleep monitoring without compromising the quality of the data collected.


With challenges stemming from a developed prototype, Somnology partnered with Voler Systems because of its broad expertise across electrical designs and its success rate in solving complex challenges.

Voler Systems engineers assessed the defects in the prototype and delivered the following solutions:

  • Identified and corrected critical hardware issues.
  • Advised utilizing an off-the-shelf device, replacing the prototype.
  • Partnered to resolve malfunctioning mechanical components in the prototype.
  • Ensured uninterrupted device functionality for successful algorithm verification.

Results & Benefits

  • Adopting an off-the-shelf solution yielded substantial savings in development costs and time, while also reducing time to market.
  • Working device allowed Somnology to proceed with software validation and testing in real-world conditions, accelerating their product development timeline.
  • Successful software algorithm verification ensured the device provided accurate and consistent results and data.
  • Delivering the solution within budget ensured that project timelines were met and no unexpected costs were incurred.

Sleep Monitor


At Voler Systems, we believe in transforming challenges into innovation. Through collaboration and technical expertise, we helped to bring a revolutionary home-based sleep monitoring solution to the forefront of digital healthcare. This case study exemplified Voler’s commitment to offering the best guidance to the customer, prioritizing their interests over our own.

“We were delighted with Voler’s professionalism and capabilities, characterized by a consultative understanding of our needs, frequent communication of progress and challenges, and delivering our project within cost and time expectations. Voler fixed and delivered a prototype that two prior firms failed to complete. They also referred a partner that provided industrial design and mechanical engineering services, which completed their deliverables quickly and cost-effectively. I have high confidence in Voler’s engineering acumen, customer service, and integrity. In short, they are an outstanding team that I endorse wholeheartedly.” Don Aoki, CEO

If you’re ready to transform your challenges into opportunities, partner with Voler Systems. Contact us today, and let’s innovate the future together.

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