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Empowering a Medical Startup with Swallow Evaluation Device Innovation


Company: Japanese Startup

Industry: Medical Products

Use Case: Swallow Evaluation Device

Services Used: Hardware and Firmware


  • Successful design paved the way for medical device application
  • Mastered precise swallowing sound detection
  • Secured substantial investment from a major Japanese firm

Customer Introduction

This startup company developed devices for the medical industry. It was developing a device worn on the neck with microphones to evaluate swallowing in elderly patients. Several issues prevented the device from working accurately and reliably, and the company sought expertise to correct them.


  • A noise problem interfered with detecting swallowing.

    Refine the electronic components to ensure high-quality detection of low-level swallowing sounds in a noisy environment.
  • Swallowing was not being detected reliably.

    Advanced audio processing algorithms to ensure accurate and consistent detection of swallowing sounds.
  • Limited device size.

    Implement essential changes that enhance performance while maintaining the device's existing compact and lightweight design.
  • Budget constraints.

    Execute cost-effective modifications to optimize device functionality.


The company selected Voler Systems because of its established experience and consistent success in delivering cost-effective solutions.

Voler engineers provided the following solutions:

  • Identified and resolved a ground loop issue that made the signal noisy by altering the circuit board layout to provide a high-quality audio signal.
  • Created and wrote cutting-edge audio processing algorithms that accurately and reliably identified subtle swallowing sounds while ignoring other sounds.
  • Implemented essential design modifications that adhered to budget and size requirements.

Results & Benefits

  • Enhanced the device functionality, allowing elderly patients to enjoy meals for extended periods.
  • Resolution of technical issues and enhancements of the device's performance bolstered investor confidence, resulting in an investment from a large Japanese firm.
  • Improved design and functionality positioned the company to apply for approval to market the medical device.

GOKURI Swallow Evaluation Device


At Voler Systems, partnering with this innovative startup reaffirmed the impact of collective ingenuity. Overcoming multifaceted challenges, we partnered to refine a life-enhancing medical device.

"Our journey to success would have been an unchartered path of obstacles with the guidance and expertise of Voler Systems."

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