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Robotic Surgery Transformation: High-Resolution, Low-Latency Video Streaming Breakthrough


Company: Titan Medical

Industry: Medical Devices

Use Case: Visualization System for Robotic Surgery

Services Used: Electronics, Firmware, Hardware, FPGA, Sensors


  • Achieved sub-50ms latency for real-time surgical visuals
  • Enhanced image clarity with cutting-edge processing
  • Readied system for clinical trials

Customer Introduction

Titan Medical developed robotic-assisted surgery technologies designed to improve the surgical experience for surgeons and patients. Titan sought expertise in creating a high-resolution, low-latency video streaming system for robotic surgical applications.


  • Complex visualization needs

Surpass current market leaders in robotic surgery visualization technology by providing unparalleled clarity and response time.

  • Technical integration hurdles

Implement comprehensive image processing functions to provide real-time visualization for surgeons during complex procedures.

  • High standards and specifications needed for surgical applications

Adhere to exceptionally high standards and stringent requirements while ensuring color accuracy and speed required for real-time surgical visualization.


Titan chose Voler Systems for this project due to its proven expertise in FPGA development for video/analog solutions, advanced electronic system architecture, and customized design solutions for complex medical applications.

  • Leveraged FPGA for high-speed, high-resolution video stream management, ensuring reliable performance in critical surgical applications.
  • Developed advanced PCBs (printed circuit boards) for 2D and 3D HDMI streams, achieving ultra-high resolution and color accuracy for surgery.
  • Implemented image enhancement features to ensure clear and precise surgical imagery.
  • Designed, tested, and prepared system for clinical trials.

Results & Benefits

  • Achieved the highest level of visual accuracy and the lowest latency available in the visual surgical robot space at the time of development, setting a new benchmark for surgical visualization systems.
  • Engineered a sophisticated video streaming system utilizing FPGA and ISP technologies that gave surgeons clearer, real-time visualizations for enhanced precision during operations.
  • Integrated advanced auto functions and sensor corrections, improving the quality of surgical images that reduced the risk of errors and enhanced patient safety.
  • Prepared system for clinical trials, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in a surgical setting.

Titan System Drawing


At Voler Systems, we believe in the power of innovation to redefine healthcare. Our collaboration with Titan on this project embodies our dedication to advancing medical technology and empowering surgeons to perform with unprecedented precision and confidence.

“Voler Systems’ ability to develop a high-resolution, low-latency video streaming system set a new benchmark in surgical precision and patient care.”

Contact Voler Systems today and discover how our medical technology and innovative design expertise can bring your vision to life.



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