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Enhancing Commercial Restroom Maintenance with Innovative Water Sensor Technology


Company: Privately-held Startup

Industry: Commercial products

Use Case: Water Sensor

Services Used: Firmware, Hardware, Wireless Communications, Sensor Technology


  • Custom water sensor design
  • Energy-efficient IoT integration
  • Seamless cloud connectivity

Customer Introduction

This forward-thinking startup focused on commercial solutions for large, established companies. They recognized the challenges of water leaks in commercial bathrooms and wanted to leverage technology for early detection and efficient repairs.


  • Frequent water leakages in commercial restrooms lead to structural damage.

    Implement a reliable early-detection system to prevent extensive damage and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Water sensors fail to operate consistently across various environmental conditions.

    Design a custom water sensor that remains effective in a wide variety of conditions present in commercial restrooms.
  • Inadequate integration between local devices and cloud service, causing data silos and reduced response times.

    Ensure seamless communication between the IoT device, local gateway, and cloud software.
  • Wireless data transmission solutions consume significant power, reducing overall battery life of the device.

    Utilize power-efficient wireless communication methods to prolong battery life to at least one year without compromising data transfer speed.


The company chose Voler Systems to design the water sensor because of its unparalleled sensor technology and wireless communication expertise.

Voler Systems provided the following solutions to help the client achieve its goal:

  • Crafted a unique water sensor for commercial restrooms.
  • Optimized the device for minimal power consumption using Bluetooth LE.
  • Ensured real-time data transmission from the device to a local gateway, which forwarded the data to the cloud for swift maintenance response.
  • Completed the design and firmware and created functional prototypes of the device.

Results & Benefits

  • Achieved over two years of battery life, reducing maintenance costs and lessening frequent user interventions.
  • Detected water across diverse conditions in commercial restrooms, ensuring businesses could mitigate potential damages early and save on expensive repairs.
  • Integrated in real-time with the cloud, leading to quicker resolution of issues.
  • Presented functional prototypes to key customers, validating the device and building strong credibility in the market.


Voler Systems believes in the transformative power of technology to reshape everyday challenges into innovative solutions. This project involved creating safer, efficient, and responsive environments.

“Working with Voler Systems made a real difference for our business. Their expertise in sensor design and wireless communication helped us address our main challenges head-on and deliver a device that helps improve restroom maintenance, reduce costs, and offer a more reliable product to our customers.”

Voler Systems can help transform your ideas into groundbreaking solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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