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Wild and Crazy Wearable Devices 2020



2018-2019 has gifted us with incredible wearable tech, and 2020 didn’t disappoint either. We continue to see upgrades in memory, processing, and batteries as they get smarter, smaller, and cheaper, leading to many innovative designs. This article will take a look at some of the latest and wildest in wearable designs.

If you’re looking for our 2018-2019, which includes high-tech tattoos, wearables for pets, wearables for the elderly, babies, and sexy tech for couples, check out this link. This year’s list includes equally mind-blowing and futuristic air masks, augmented reality contact lenses & glasses, ECG capable smartwatch, a sleep tuner, and a handheld air conditioner!

Wild and Crazy Wearable Devices Part 2

Aō’s Atōms Air Mask

It’s no surprise that high-tech devices like the new Aō-Air’s Atōms Air Mask are being developed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubbed as the future of air masks, Aō’s Atōms wearable filters particles via fans to pump in air, resulting in a positive pressure clean air environment. What’s amazing is that the mask offers this protection without sealing the mouth or nose. The mask is designed for comfort while creating a one-way outflow, preventing outside air penetration.

Aō’s independent study revealed that the mask is 50 times better than the leading protective mask and is 5 to 25 times better than an N95 mask in protecting from particulate matter. They have a proprietary D’Fend system and active nanofiltration designed from the molecular level to protect and clean >98% of the smallest particulate matter like PM2.5.

It has a Bluetooth brain that continuously tracks the respiratory activity to adapt and ensure personalized protection. The Atmōs is a reusable mask for people seeking an alternative to the allergy mask, antipollution mask, smoke protection. Its design is bound for protection against COVID-19 as well, so it’s worth a look as replacement protection.

Mojo Lens

Claimed by its creators as the world’s first true smart contact lens, mojo contact lenses seamlessly fuse digital information onto the world via microelectronics and a tiny display to share critical information. Mojo Lens empowers each user by bringing augmented reality (AR) directly into the field of vision.

Currently, our AR systems require the use of outerwear, such as a headset. These headsets are typically large and cumbersome to wear for extended periods. They are awkward to be worn in social and professional situations as well.

The technology behind mojo allows data to be presented on displays built into glasses or a headset. This allows you to see turn-by-turn directions while walking, get important steps to replace an unfamiliar machine part for instance, or talk points for a presentation— no need for a handheld device or to look down at a screen. The wearable display helps you focus on providing information heads-up and hands-free.

Withings Move ECG Smartwatch

The Withings Move ECG has the honor of being the world’s first analog watch with a built-in electrocardiogram to detect atrial fibrillation—anytime. Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart rhythm disorder, which can lead to heart failure and is also a common factor for up to 30 percent of strokes.

Move ECG was developed with the help of cardiologists from renowned institutions. A press of a button and placing your finger on the watch’s bezel completes the electric circuit so the watch can measure ECG. The watch is accompanied by an app that monitors the user’s activity, sleep, and tracks your GPS location. However, you can record an ECG with or without your phone nearby—as data can be stored in the watch until the next sync. If signs are detected, the app will recommend you to get in touch with your doctor.

Beddr SleepTuner

Small but packed with features, the Beddr SleepTuner is a feather-light sleep lab that gives the ground truth about sleep quality with clinical-grade data using an optical sensor and accelerometer. It aims to treat the root causes of sleep issues by monitoring different problems, such as poor sleep hygiene, insomnia, and sleep apnea. The device syncs with a smartphone app and is placed on the forehead. This allows the wearable to monitor overnight oxygen saturation and heart rate as well as sleep duration and the impact of sleep positions on breathing and oxygen levels.

The device comes with a protective case, a quick start guide, 12 hypoallergenic adhesives, and a USB-c charging cable. Beddr also offers sleep coaching, medical consults, and even a personal sleep test, which will be launched in 2021.

Sony Reon Pocket (Japanese site)

An air conditioner that fits in your pocket? Why not? Sony Reon Pocket is a handheld air conditioner meant to fit a pocket below the back of the neck in a custom shirt sold with the device. Reon Pocket can lower the temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit on hot days or increase it by 14 degrees Fahrenheit on cold days. The battery lasts 2-3 hours on a charge, depending on your settings’ intensity, and can be fully charged in roughly two hours. Reon Pocket is now available worldwide in many specialty stores.

There are three cooling or warming levels, and an additional boost mode is limited to two minutes, and a fan speed control. You can also set automatic modes that activate whenever you turn the device on with its power button rather than the app.


There you have it! Basing on this list and our current tech trends, the future of wearables is looking bright, and we can expect even better and wackier innovations as we head to 2021!

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