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Voler Systems: Why is Bluetooth So Expensive? Save Your Company Money


Short Answer:

It’s true interoperability and you can save thousands with a BQC.

Bluetooth SIG

Qualification through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) can be perceived as expensive for several reasons:The Bluetooth SIG requires rigorous testing and certification. There are strict testing and certification processes to ensure that Bluetooth products meet industry standards and, above all, interoperability requirements. This level of scrutiny requires specialized equipment, facilities, and expertise, which contribute to the overall cost.

The quality assurance process is designed to ensure that Bluetooth devices work reliably, minimizing the risk of interoperability issues and potential harm to end-users. This requires comprehensive testing and quality assurance measures, which add to the cost.

Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQC)

Bluetooth qualification requires skilled engineers, technicians, and experts (Bluetooth Qualification Consultants) who are trained to perform complex tests and analyses. Employing and training these experts and maintaining the necessary infrastructure is costly.

Manufacturers must pay licensing fees to use Bluetooth technology, and these fees may contribute to the overall cost of qualification. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the Bluetooth logo or wordmark, it’s required to go through the Bluetooth qualification process.

By way of rigorous testing and certification of products, the Bluetooth SIG helps manufacturers reduce liability risks associated with product defects and interoperability issues. This liability mitigation adds to the perceived cost.

True Interoperability Through Qualification

Once listed, your Bluetooth product goes worldwide. The Bluetooth SIG's qualification process ensures that products can work seamlessly in various regions (true interoperability). This global reach and compatibility require additional resources and coordination.

Bluetooth technology is continually evolving with new versions, features, and improvements. Maintaining a qualification program that keeps up with these changes necessitates ongoing investment and development.

Benefits of Bluetooth Qualification

While Bluetooth qualification may seem expensive, it ultimately benefits both manufacturers and consumers by ensuring that Bluetooth devices are reliable, safe, and interoperable. The cost reflects the resources and expertise required to maintain high standards in a rapidly advancing field of technology. Manufacturers often see the value in qualification as it enhances their product's marketability and reduces the risk of costly post-launch issues.

To ensure that you have a qualified and recognized Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC), it’s important to research and check references or credentials before hiring a consultant to ensure that they have the necessary experience and knowledge to meet your needs. You can verify consultants that are recognized by the Bluetooth SIG via this link. 

See more about a BQC via this link from the Bluetooth SIG.

Work with Qualified Consultants for Product Development

If you have questions about Bluetooth SIG or the BQC, contact Michael Kirwan at or 913-207-8226. He is a recognized Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) and can help you navigate the process and save you thousands of dollars in future qualifications.

Getting your electronic device from idea to reality requires the guidance and support of the right people. Voler Systems has been helping businesses get their products to market for over four decades. Contact us today to discuss your device design.

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Authored by Michael Kirwan, a USA-based Bluetooth Qualification Consultant, Continua Certified Expert in Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, an expert in LoRaWAN technology and certification, and an expert in CSA Matter and Zigbee technology and certification,, 913-207-8226.



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