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Roundup: What makes a great project manager?



Great project management is not just empty promise for us; it is something we work at to get better. So we reached out to clients and partners asking them “What makes a great project manager?” Here is a roundup of what we heard:


“A great Project Manager is someone who is able to work with internally resources, vendors, and ultimately the client in order to deliver requirements that are on schedule, on budget, and to specification. Before starting a project, there should be a well-defined scope of work agreed upon by all parties. As projects progress, regular status updates help keep all parties updated on milestones, deliverables, and any potential risks that could impact schedule, budget, or the overall deliverable. At SSP we provide at minimum a weekly status update until the completion of a project. Lastly, open communication while being clear, concise, and direct is key in creating a goal-oriented atmosphere empowered to react to any obstacles that may prevent a team from delivering on their ultimate deliverables.” – Brian Orlando, Solution Sources Programming, Inc. Providing Test Solutions for DFT (design for test), Boundary Scan, In-Circuit and Functional Requirements

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Mark Brinkerhoff, President of Fusion Design added the following requirements for a great project manager:

1. Background of these types of people need to be in alignment with the area of effort. A broad experience with not too much depth in any particular area appears to be best in my opinion.

2. A great project manager always has a plan B and a plan C for the most critical items on the task list.

3. Communication is king in this type of effort, so skills in the multiple forms of this are critical to success. This one item alone can make or break a project.

4. Prompt, punctual, diplomatic, resourceful, dynamic, regimented are a few adjectives I would use.




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