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When you're investing possibly millions of dollars into developing a new product, leaving your project in inexperienced hands can lead to disaster. There's so much involved in creating a device. Whether you're making a consumer-level IoT gadget or a life-saving medical device, there are many moving parts to bring it to life.

Consider the numerous skills involved, the documentation required to meet compliance regulations, and countless hours of refinement. It doesn't take long to realize that tasks of this magnitude can go sideways without proper oversight and management.

At Voler Systems, reliable project management is not just an empty promise. It is something we take seriously and work to improve.

We reached out to some of our partners and clients to ask, "What makes a great project manager?" Here's what they said.

Relevant Expertise and Reliable Partners

Of course, expertise should always be a factor when vetting managers. You want a team of individuals who know what they're doing to guide your project from start to finish. Backgrounds should align with the area of effort, spreading the expertise through every step of the development process.

Voler has four decades of experience in providing design consultation services. We specialize in wearable technology and IoT, using our sensors, power management, and wireless communication expertise to bring innovative products to market.

We also work with many world-class partners, giving you access to professionals who deal in manufacturing, logistics, software, mechanical design, and more.

Well-Defined Requirements and Specifications

Project managers must work from a defined requirements list to start things off correctly. Requirements provide in-depth details about the device you're creating. It covers everything from must-have features lists that end-users want to more specific information about design elements and software functions.

This document is instrumental in ensuring that this effort moves forward smoothly. It helps turn vague ideas into actionable steps and milestones every decision-maker will use to stay on track.

Early Risk Mitigation

We understand how many things could go wrong and treat risk identification and mitigation as integral to the design and development process.

Low-Risk IoT Design: How to Manage IoT Design Risks from Planning to Manufacture

We take time to understand the many risks that could impact the project. That includes technical and manufacturing risks. If there's any part of the process that could create costly delays, we develop strategies to avoid those mishaps and bring your new product across the finish line.

Prioritizing Budget and Timeline

Budget and deadline parameters should always be a top priority for project managers. The two are closely tied; If the development process misses milestones and deadlines, it costs more and forces you to go over budget.

Project requirements and risk mitigation do a lot to help avoid scheduling conflicts and budgetary restraints. Good project managers will consider those factors to ensure that all deliverables arrive on time, within budget, and to your specifications.

Constant Communication

Last but not least, let's talk communication. Developing a new product is a complex process with many hands on deck to make your ideas come to life. While you rely on experts to handle the logistics, that doesn't mean you should be in the dark about progress.

Open communication is a must and should never be a one-way street. Direct communication should occur at every turn, ensuring that all teams are on the right page.

A lack of communication is a quick project killer. We provide clear and concise status updates that will keep you in the loop about how development is progressing, empowering you to be an active part of the process and tackle any obstacles that may come up. Frequent communication prevents misunderstandings that can result in a product that is not what was intended.

Project Management Done Right

That's simply a taste of what it takes to lead development projects successfully. The truth is that it's more complex than many people imagine. This is why it’s so essential to have the guidance and support of a project management team that knows what they're doing. Cue Voler Systems.

Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects

We have what it takes to help you get a finished product you're proud to bring to market. Our team of experts takes project management seriously, employing best practices to meet your needs on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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