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Voler Systems is part of a consortium of Silicon Valley companies thathelp hardware companies get their products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Being part of the Product Realization Group (PRG), offers our clients a one-stop-shop” of outsourced new product introduction (NPI), new product development (NPD), regulatory compliance, cost reduction, and quality improvement services to help companies bring new products to market and manage the product lifecycle. PRG experts span the disciplines of electrical and mechanical engineering, regulatory compliance, supply chain, manufacturing, and marketing, all overseen by a dedicated project manager. PRG relies on Voler’s sensor, wireless and electrical expertise to serve over 500 clients, including medical device, consumer electronic, and high-technology start ups, SMBs, and large companies, such as GoPro, EMC, and Intuitive Surgical.

We could not have developed Beacon in the time we did and within our limited budget without the help of PRG. Having a team of seasoned experts that worked together previously and trusted each other, enabled by a collaborative development process, and led by an exceptional project manager, was the key to making Beacon a reality. Micah Bongberg, President and CEO, Annuvia

Our rapid ramp process reduces the risk of bringing new products to market.

Product Roadmap If you are just getting started working on a new hardware product, our Roadmapgives you the visibility for budgeting, project scheduling, and resource allocation. Our template covers key activities in the definition and planning, development, and production phases (compiled from over 100 product introductions). This introduction is especially valuable for those who have not done a product introduction previously.

Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects


We can provide a solid feasibility assessment to cut your time to market, identify key risks and save money. Wehelp you develop or fine-tune your Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) and Product Requirements Document (PRD), select critical components, build working models, and perform functional tests to check if your design can meet requirements, or to help write your requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

Our proven partners can also help to accelerate your prototype development. They will allow you to leverage the latest rapid hardware prototyping equipment available to fabricate, assemble, test and debug a working model of your product concept. We select components that are cost-effective and scalable, employ Design for Excellence (DFx) tools, incorporate test and reliability, and assess risk (via Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)).

Agile Product Development

We cantake an agile approach that accelerates your product development by breaking work into short phases (sprints) to mitigate risk at low cost. After each sprint, the project is reviewed to allow for strategic pivots based upon actual development results. We also leverage unique, cloud-based project management tools, to keep team members in-sync, on-track, and within budget.

Regulatory Compliance Services

Our experts can help you meet industry standards, comply with regulations and mitigate risks without impacting product release schedules. These include ISO 9001, 13485, FDA, product qualification (UL, FCC, CE), RoHS, WEEE, and REACH.

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