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Hardware is Hot Again

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Hardware is hot again and it’s exciting! Silicon Valley is pumping out new hardware products galore: phones, tablets, wearable devices, home health devices, and other gadgets.

For the last few years, the best way to get rich was to build software.  Software was cool and flashy and little thought was given to the underlying hardware. We have learned, however, that for the really cool products much more thought about the electronics and mechanical design, as well as the software, is required. Voler’s wireless, motion control, and sensor expertise is critical to meeting our customers’ needs to reduce time-to-market for new products.

“Our team of 30 engineers has over 500 years of combined experience working with multi-billion dollar global corporations and startups, so we know how to solve tough problems. Our outstanding team has developed hundreds of designs that work the first time and work reliably for years. We are committed to delivering quality products, on time, on budget, and with low risk,” vows Walt Maclay, president of Voler Systems.

Being an active participant in an ecosystem of hardware service providers, Voler and its partners are helping to streamline development operations. Teams of electrical, mechanical, industrial, test, and reliability engineers are available help clients design and build their products. We are excited to see the renewed appreciation for nuts and bolts – and circuit boards!

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