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Notes from 2013 Health Technology Forum Conference



One of the best conferences I attended this year was Health Technology Forum 2013 in San Francisco.

Walt at HTC 2013

slide from talkTwo sessions stood out in particular:

Using Technology to Support Persons with Complex Needs Moderator: Suneel Ratan, CEO, Care Architecture

Panel included:

  • David Lindeman, PhD, Director, Center for Technology and Aging
  • Lisa Mangiante, Director, Pacific Business Group on Health
  • Douglas Trauner, Entrepreneur in Residences, Veterans Administration Center for Innovation

David Lindeman spoke about lessons learned about deployment of healthcare technology. He emphasized that deployment must include buy-in from leadership and staff.

Telehealth & mHealth (m=mobile)

Moderator: Greg Caressi, Sr VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan

Panel included:

  • Yan Chow, MD, Director, Innovation and Advanced Technology, Kaiser Permanente
  • Marty Coressel, CEO, Telsano
  • Tapan Mehta, Global Healthcare Lead, Global Healthcare Manager, Cisco Systems
  • Jeff Russell, Director Vertical Market Sales, Vidyo

The panel highlighted a great breath of mobile health and wellness products being developed. Yan Chow who I also heard at the SV Health Meeting in Sunnyvale. He listed the barriers to successful technology deployments.

  • Lack of reimbursement – #1
  • Inconsistent outcome research
  • Understand business case
  • Standard of care, which does not include mHealth
  • Scalability & integration
  • Regulatory – can’t consult across state lines except in VA
  • Legal – standard of care not new or unique

The panel talked about a need for new models of care including home visits and mobile. Yan Chow summed up the situation well when he said at the SV Health Meeting earlier that week, “We are at a cliff in healthcare. Will we just go into the future screaming?”

Photos by Yelena Kozlova



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