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An Interesting CBInsight Article About Medical Device Startups


In CBInsight’s article “Redefining The Future of Medicine: 72 Medical Device Startups Advancing Treatment And Prevention“, they estimate medical device funding as $3.5B in 2016. It highlights and categorizes 72 private medical device companies.

Their 9 business categories are:

General Surgery – Companies developing advances to common surgical techniques as well as procedures such as suturing. Examples include SentreHEART, which is working on suture delivery devices, and Gecko Biomedical, inventors of an elastic alternative to traditional sutures.

Cardiovascular – Companies developing medical or surgical solutions to diseases affecting the heart and/or vascular system. Examples include Mitralign, which focuses on heart valve abnormalities, and CardioKinetix, which develops devices to treat peripheral artery disease.

Ophthalmology  Companies developing medical and/or surgical solutions to diseases affecting the eye. Examples include Ivantis, which concentrates on glaucoma, and Acufocus, which develops treatments for presbyopia – the inability to focus up close — and cataracts.

Orthopedics  Companies focused on surgical and/or medical solutions to conditions affecting the skeletal system. Examples include a developer of spinal implants, Benvenue Medical, and OrthoSensor, which is at work on a wireless smart device for knee reconstruction procedures.

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Neurology  Companies developing medical and/or surgical solutions to conditions affecting the brain. Examples include Neuropace, which produces a neurostimulator for the treatment of epilepsy, and BrainScope, developing a device for the assessment of traumatic brain injuries.

Oncology  Companies focused on the diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, or treatment of cancer. Examples include Pronova Solutions, delivering a lower-cost proton therapy system, and Novian Health, the developer of a minimally invasive laser therapy approach to breast tumors.

Diagnostics – Companies developing tools for the diagnosis of conditions caused by bacterial, viral, genomic, immunological, and other factors. One example is LineaGen Research, which has developed a genetic testing platform focused on uncovering the causes of developmental delays in children.

Imaging  Companies focused on improving or replacing traditional medical imaging platforms. One example is Signostics, a developer of advanced ultrasound technology.

Patient Monitoring – Companies developing tools to improve bedside and remote monitoring of medical conditions. Optiscan Biomedical, for example, makes a bedside device that tracks glucose levels in real-time.

photo source: SBInsights


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