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Voler Systems (www.volersystems.com) is a leader in the design engineering of new technology products. Our specialties are electrical engineering (digital and analog) and software development (firmware for embedded processors/ microcontrollers, FPGA and apps). We serve the needs of clients in the consumer, medical, robotic, enterprise and industrial markets emphasizing our expertise in sensor-based products in wearables and IoT. For turnkey projects from concept to volume production, Voler also partners with other world-class design firms. Our culture is collaborative, polite and service-oriented.

The Business Development Director will:
  • Handle leads generated by Voler Marketing from introduction to closing sales. Input data to CRM.
  • Define, value and author proposals on the scope of work of individual projects through prospect interaction and in collaboration with Voler staff, most of whom work remotely or from home offices
  • Build relationships with prospects and clients that result in continued business
  • Contribute to the growth of Voler Systems through sales outreach, attendance of business gatherings and marketing activities
Your Success will be measured by:
  • Meeting booking goals
  • Personal growth in understanding the technical aspects of our work
  • Expansion of capabilities to field inquiries, write proposals and close business deals
  • Contributions in new client relationships and broadening reach of company reputation
  • Cultural fit and inter-company communications effectiveness
Your Background:
  • 5-10 yrs. of experience in:
    • A design services firm in the technology market – or –
    • An electronic component company sales organization – or –
    • Program management or engineering at a technology hardware company with ownership of technical, financial and schedule deliverables
  • Deep familiarity with a new product development task sequence
  • Experience communicating with executives in engineering and corporate responsible for financial decisions from $100K-$500K in companies ranging from start-ups to corporations
About You:
  • A people-person with a service mentality to help, advise and refer inquiries rapidly to the outcome that best suits the goals of the client or company staff
  • An analytical mind that can comprehend, deconstruct and remember highly technical product requirements, electronic functionality and implementation steps
  • Organized and reliable to multi-task between discussions, document authoring, presentations and negotiating terms of sale through virtual meetings, site visits and phone calls
  • Base Salary and Commission; full benefit package
Candidate Evaluation Process:
  • Resume review and phone screen
  • Technical evaluation of engineering, operations and project management knowledge
  • Writing exercise
  • Reference checking



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