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Recap of BIOMEDevice 2009

Pictured in the booth: Mike Silverman, CEO at Ops A La Carte and Walt Maclay, President at Voler Systems

We really enjoyed attending the BIOMEDevice Expo in December along with our partners, Ops A La Carte and SigmaQuest. BIOMEDevice Expo is a conference that has a strong tradition of knowledgeable suppliers with innovative solutions attending it. It is where companies are able to collaborate with ideas and updates within the biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.

A favorite part to share was the talk by Walt Maclay, President, on Data Acquisition for Medical Devices, in the Innovation Briefs portion of the conference on the first day. This talk brought many individual conversations to us afterwards and at our booth during the conference.

Walt’s talk explored the latest medical device trends like portability, miniaturization, and connectivity. He explained, “It is at the heart of all these advances where data acquisition happens.”

biomed09talk_sm BIOMEDevice 2009 Talk

His presentation discussed the practical issues in basic data acquisition covering the sampling rate, resolution, anti aliasing filter requirements, and how to measure. If you missed the talk and would like the slide deck, please contact us at and we will forward a copy to you.

A huge thank you goes to Ops A La Carte and SigmaQuest, our partners, for their help in making this conference a successful one. And, thank you to the many people who stopped by the booth to talk to us during the conference.

Ops A La Carte is a Professional Reliability Engineering firm focused on providing its customers confidence in reliability throughout the product life cycle. We have our own Reliability Lab called HALT and HASS Labs where we have successfully helped customers improve the reliability on over 500 different products.

SigmaQuest’s SigmaSure™ combines automatic factory floor and return center data collection with powerful root-cause analysis to enable its customers to lower production costs and reduce product returns.

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