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Roundup: Medical Device and Health Tech Meetups



While the internet allows us to easily stay abreast of new developments in our industry, nothing beats face-to-face meetings for keeping one’s finger on the industry pulse, as well as establishing new and growing existing relationships via networking. We’ve created a roundup of 15 medical device and health tech meetups around Silicon Valley to make it easy for you to find one in your area. Choose one today and put it on your calendar – success doesn’t exist in a vacuum, connect with others to amplify your results.

Silicon Valley Bay Area


Aging in Place Technologies

Collaboratively Co-creating the Future of Aging.


Health 2.0 Silicon Valley

Networking for developer, entrepreneurs and large organizations with interest in Health 2.0, mobile health, patient-centered innovation, personal medicine and emerging opportunities in the healthcare industry to come together.


Internet of Thursdays

An intimate gathering of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and big players to discuss what’s next in the Internet of Things space.  Topics will rotate between Connected Home, Connected Car, Wearables, Fitness/Health, Robotics and beyond.


South Bay Bio Network

SBBN Mission: We aim to bring together professionals working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The South Bay is not only home to many biotech companies, but also is a home for our families.


Bay Area Lifetech Group

The Bay Area Lifetech group is a meetup every few weeks to bring our local community of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Stem Cell, and Health scientists, investors, executives, practitioners and anyone else interested in creating therapies that benefit the health of society.

Highly Successful Engineering Design Projects


Health 3.0

Innovators, entrepreneurs, data analysts (and wonks ;), scientists, practicing clinicians, engineers, device/technology developers and scientists are especially encouraged to join as much of our work is collaborative. Folks passionate about this space are also invited!


IoT Silicon Valley

This is for IoT (Internet of things)/M2M enthusiasts, startups, and entrepreneurs to meet and socialize. We will meet in South SF/Bay Area (near Santa Clara, Mountain View, or Palo Alto).



Membership is free and open to anyone in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Life Science Tools, and Laboratory Service industries. The Bio2Device Group’s events provide the latest industry information through weekly educational programs and face-to-face interactive opportunities to build and maintain a career network.


SV Hardware Startup to Scale

This group is dedicated to strengthening the Silicon Valley hardware product development and manufacturing eco-system. We will hold regular discussions on the new product development and introduction processes. Our goal is to increase local product development and manufacturing, foster innovation, and facilitate personal connections.


Hardware 599

This group is a community for hardware fans, developers, entrepreneurs and investors to demo their products, meet each other and learn how to bring ideas to the market.

San Francisco

150px-Meetup_Logo_2015 Health Impact

Health Impact is a quarterly meetup of technology professionals working at or interested in health tech startups. The focus is on the areas where software and data science are driving real health outcomes improvements. Speakers will be presenting approaches and technologies that are probably improving lives and reducing costs.


Health 2.0 San Francisco

We are a community of technology creators, clinicians, go-to-market talent and other digital health enthusiasts ensuring that digital health products meet real healthcare system and patient needs. Our mission is to leverage the expertise of our members in clinician-advised approaches, systems thinking, and consumer-centered design to deliver on this promise.


San Francisco Quantified Self

This is a regular show and tell for people taking advantage of various kinds of personal tracking – geotracking, life-logging, DNA sequencing, etc. – to gain more knowledge about themselves. Come share what you are doing, and learn from others.


Health Technology Forum

Health Technology Forum promotes the intersection of health care and technology by connecting people worldwide who have common interest in making health care better, more accessible and affordable for everyone.

East Bay


East Bay Bio Network

EBBN Mission: We aim to bring together professionals working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The East Bay is not only home to many biotech companies, but also is a home for our families. EBBN is committed to providing networking opportunities in the East Bay, from Oakland to Livermore.



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