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Volume 2018, Issue 1 Newsletter

Voice Activated Wake Up and Ultra Low Power Design

Some applications use voice commands to &wake the device from the low power detection mode and switch to the &recognition mode, applying their algorithms to spoken words and phrases. This is ideal for many wearable devices as well as other battery operated devices.

Chips that enable voice activated applications

Clinical treatment device

Developing Products for Clinical Settings

Voler developed the next generation clinical lice treatment unit that improved the usability and aesthetics, increased functionality, decreased costs, and improved portability. We provided very tight temperature control: hot enough to kill lice, not so hot it burns a childs head.

Voler also added a cellular modem to enable tracking of each use (for reimbursement billing). The result is a best-in-class professional treatment unit sure to be a success across the globe.

AR glasses
6 Innovative Technologies in AR/VR

Total spending on AR/VR products and services was $11 billion in 2017. AR/VR systems are full of exciting technology: Display technology, cameras including time-of-flight cameras (ToF camera), motion sensors, wireless, and batteries.

Learn about the new technologies

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About Our Organization

Voler Systems offers expert engineering services for new product design, medical device design, instrumentation design, and data acquisition systems.

We are experts in sensors, wireless, motion control, and power management.

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