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Volume 2015, Issue 1 Newsletter

Volume 2015, Issue 1 Newsletter

In This Issue:

lightbulbteamGrowing 2015

Our new staff includes senior electrical engineers: Michael Lohmeyer and Hank Schnieder, senior programmer Jim Baichtal, and test engineer Hugh Simpson.  Larry Burgess joins our technical writing group.  With all add these new members, we have out-grown our current location and we have moved to a larger space. Check out for more info!

Idea to Product


Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics are lightweight, rugged, bendable, rollable, portable, and even foldable.  As devices get smaller, the need for flexible electronic products is growing, and they are finding their way into more applications.  Here are some interesting devices we have worked on.  Find out more…


Review Highlights Talk at RTECC 2015

Below is an excerpt from John Blyler’s JB Systems Tech blog that reviews Walt’s recent “Sensors, Wearables and IoT” talk at RTECC 2015.

“I was captivated by a more laid-back speaker (along with a room full of engineers at standing room only, I might add). The speaker clearly knew his stuff and I learned much more than expected in the session.”

The post gives details of three key points in the talk:

  • Electronic augmentation of what were traditionally mechanical or optical devices is not only here to stay, but will continue to grow rapidly. Wearable devices are getting smarter and it is an evolutionary change, not a fad.
  • One popular example of a successful wearable device is the Active Mind Golf device. Active Mind case study
  • There is a fine line on what constitutes an actual medical device. Read the details in our article “Are You Making a Medical Device?”

Project Management Round-Up

We reached out to clients and partners asking them how they defined a great project manager. Here is what we learned!

Upcoming Events

Are you involved or interested in a hardware startup? If so, join us for HardwareCon3. It is a weekend event that will cover how to startup a hardware business from concept to scale.

As a guest speaker, Mike Keer will be sharing Product Realization Group’s approach for helping early stage companies create product roadmaps.

  • Understand product cost, schedules, and resources
  • Develop products from concepts to scale with lower risk
  • Learn lean hardware concepts from industry experts

HardwareCon3 “Catapult Event for Hardware Start-ups.”

Dates: Saturday February 28 & Sunday March 1

Location: Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Center in San Leandr

Get 15% PRG discount by Feb. 16:

Here is what PRG clients have said about our Product Roadmap offering:

  • “…tremendous value… …exceptional team of experts helped us identify and fill gaps … accelerated our path to market.” — Greg Sommer, Co-Founder & CEO, Sandstone Diagnostics, Medical Devices
  • “…meeting with our key investor went extremely well.. …eager to keep investing… …wouldn’t be possible without PRG’s Product Roadmap…” — Paolo Debellini, Founder & CEO, Little Heroes Technologies, Consumer Wearables

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