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Volume 2013, Issue 4 Newsletter

Volume 2013, Issue 4 Newsletter

In This Issue:

Are You Making a Medical Device?

There are lot of exciting and innovative advances in the fitness and healthcare space today. Startups and established firms have introduced thousands of new software and hardware solutions–and more are being developed every day. But some of these companies may think they are making a fitness or home health device when they are actually introducing a medical device without realizing it. If you make a medical device and don’t register it with the FDA, you risk getting a letter from the FDA with an injunction and a notice to stop selling your product. To be ready to register with the FDA can take tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of regulatory work for a simple device. Read more


Home Health Care

Bringing Together Stakeholders

Home healthcare is a huge market. The demand is growing. Investors, executives, and technologists all have ideas for solutions. The key to moving things forward is to bring all of these stakeholders together to look at their issues and concern.

Healthcare providers are worried that they’re not going to be able to take care of everybody.  There aren’t enough doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The doctors are concerned about taking care of everybody.  Currently, doctors spend about seven minutes with each patient. As the aging population increases, they’ll have more demand on their time and less time to spend with each patient.

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Additional Notes on “Your voice is your password”

Update to past article

  • Here is interesting article on using your EKG as a password. Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat as a password. The last paragraph is very telling:  “So long as the bracelet is put on while the you are relaxed and calm, and your EKG is updated regularly, the link up will work.”
  • Another interesting concept is this password ring as seen on Kickstarter and Singularity Hub

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Voler Systems provides full-service R&D consulting from concept and design to production of electronic devices. Since 1979, clients have turned to us for reliable new products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics. Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality products on time and on budget. We have developed hand-held equipment, web cameras, heart valve testers, RFID devices, and other specialized sensor based electronics and prototype circuits.

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