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Volume 2017, Issue 4 Newsletter

Volume 2017, Issue 4 Newsletter

In This Issue:

water treatment
User Interface for Chemical Analysis

Voler Systems developed an instrument that measures turbidity (cloudiness) of water for industrial water processing. It uses the refractive index of the fluid to measure the volume of minute particles in the water. The user interface provided control for operational, diagnostic, and calibration functions. We provided a clear and intuitive user interface for the instrument running on an Arduino board with code that is easy to understand and maintain.

A solar cell you can put in the wash

RIKEN and the University of Tokyo researchers have developed an innovative ultra-thin photovoltaic device that is coated with stretchable and waterproof film, It provides electricity from sunlight even after being soaked in water or being stretched. While only producing milliwatts per square centimeter, it does provide a promising future for wearable devices. Read more at

New manager
Advice for new engineering managers

If you recently stepped into the role from a developer position, here are some of our most popular resources that others have found helpful.

IoTInexpensive Low Data Rate Links for the Internet of Things

By Larry Burgess

There have been several well-known radio standards around for almost 20 years, but they were not well matched with the needed low power, inexpensive, long-range operation radio links suitable for multiple remote devices in the Internet of Things.

Read more about the radio links that are in place and continuing to change and develop to satisfy the needs of the growing IoT industry.?

Upcoming Events

Nov 14, Embedding Customer Needs into Your Product Design


Many high technology companies focus their efforts on developing and commercializing innovative technologies vs. delivering products that customers actually want. In this interactive and informative session, we will discuss how to understand markets & identify customer needs, and then embed those needs into product design. Companies like Apple, that design products in tune with customer needs, gain a substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our expert panel will address issues including:

  • Understanding Market Potential & Customer Needs
  • Embedding Customer Needs into Product Requirements (PRD)
  • Translating the PRD into Engineering Development Specifications (EDS)
  • Tools & practices to help engineering meet specifications
  • How to identify and mitigate market & product development risks

Featured Panelists:

  • Jessica Ching, Strategic Marketing Advisor, ActionSpot and Lead Advising Consultant, Life Sciences for XRPIZE (Marketing / Product Management)
  • Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems (Electronics Product Development)
  • Mark Brinkerhoff, President of FusionDesign (Mechanical Product Development)
  • Kevin Rowett, VP of Hardware Engineering, DSSD (OEM Product Development)

Panelists will share their real-life experiences developing products for companies such as Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Abbot Diabetes Care, Kumu Networks, Thoratec, Graphite Systems, Violin Memory, Boeing, JDS Uniphase and more.


About Our Organization…

Voler Systems offer expert engineering services for new product design, medical device design, instrumentation design, and data acquisition systems.

We are experts in sensors, wireless, and power management.

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