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Volume 2014, Issue 4 Newsletter

Volume 2014, Issue 4 Newsletter

In This Issue:

radiated noiseWhat are the Best Wireless Options for Communicating with Small Devices from your Smart Phone?

Most newer mobile phones have multiple tiny radios inside them that can communicate directly with these small remote devices. One of the big challenges of these direct links is the usable range of the link and the battery life of the small remote devices. Explore the best options!


Idea to ProductHow to Get Your Product Made: Idea to Product

So you have a product idea. It can be quite a challenge to go from idea to product. Here are some tips on how to navigate through the process of designing your product, finding a manufacturer, as well as how to optimize your relationship with your manufacturer so that you and your customers are happy. Find out the steps to turn your idea to a product

magic happensSilicon Valley – the Magic Happens Here

Mark Brinkerhoff, President of Fusion Design, shares why the “magic happens in the Silicon Valley”. Check out his video!

2015 trendsSensor Innovations: Trends for 2015

Sensor innovation has been driving much of the current new markets like Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. And it promises to continue to be at the heart of future growth markets. Read about what is coming


Patent Award

Walt Maclay’s contribution was recognized by being name as part of the inventor team on a recently awarded patent for an External Defibrillator.

US 8,781,576 B2: Device and method for reducing patient transthoracic impedance for the purpose of delivering a therapeutic current.


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  • Aging in Place Technologies Meetup: “So much more can be done” Wed 11/12 @ 6.30 pm in San Carlos.  More information here
  • Sensors, Wearable Devices and Internet of Things” Wed 11/19 @ 6:30pm in Palo Alto More information

About Our Organization…

Voler Systems provides full-service R&D consulting from concept and design to production of electronic devices. Since 1979, clients have turned to us for reliable new products and test systems involving sensors and measurement electronics. Our multidisciplinary team delivers high quality products on time and on budget. We have developed hand-held equipment, web cameras, heart valve testers, RFID devices, and other specialized sensor based electronics and prototype circuits.

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