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August 2022 | Voler Systems Newsletter

August 2022 | Voler Systems Newsletter

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Customer Showcase Series #2

Episode Two - SoberLink

Soberlink’s innovative, state-of-the-art remote alcohol monitoring system is widely used in Addiction Treatment, Family Law, and Criminal Justice. They have turned to Voler Systems for firmware and software expertise and other guidance.

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What Makes a Good Medical Device Design Service Company

Developing a new medical device is a massive undertaking. These projects often require millions of dollars in investment and several years to complete. There are many moving parts, and every step from initial design to manufacturing demands excellent skill to complete. Pair that with the intense scrutiny medical devices go through on their path to FDA clearance or approval, and you're looking at an ultra-complex process ahead of you.

One of your most critical decisions is the device design services company you'll work with to bring your ideas to life. These consultants and third-party firms turn strategic plans and requirements into tangible products. Here are some crucial details to consider when selecting the best medical device design services company.

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Adhesive Challenges with Wearables and IoT Devices

Speaker: JoAnne Moody, Principal Consultant and President of Zeta Scientific LLC.

Based on the increasing trend for devices attached to the skin, it is essential to consider adhesive selection early in the design phase. 

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8 Best Practices of Product Realization

Speaker: Michael Keer, Founder and Managing Partner, Product Realization Group; Shirish Joshi, Global Operations/Supply Chain Expert; Jay Feldis, Product Development/Engineering Expert; and Mark Frederick, CTO and Co-Founder, MākuSafe.

In this webinar, you will learn the critical warning signs of an unsuccessful product launch including slipping schedule, exceeding budget, and missing product requirements.

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How to Successfully Bring a Product to Market

Speaker: Jessica Ching, Digital Health Commercialization Innovator, Speaker & Executive.

View the presentation and discussion on how to increase the odds of successfully bringing a product to market. How do companies and entrepreneurs get ahead of the game, given equal access to new technologies? Where and when in the development process should you double down your bets?

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Voler has helped many premier clients turn product ideas into reality. Whether you’re looking for Wearable Technology, Circuit Design, Electronic Design, Wireless, Sensors, Software and Firmware, Motion Control, or FPGA Development, Voler can help you identify risks while keeping the projects on-time, on budget, and easy to manufacture.Contact Us Today

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