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A Fun & Interesting Project: Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Voler Systems provided two broad services to AlterG: debug and re-design of the main controller board and providing guidance and advice on how to get FDA approval to enter the medical market.

During the development process AlterG was having difficulty with static electricity causing system resets. Voler Systems was quickly able to solve the problem. By optically isolating the control buttons and providing enhanced shielding and grounding, we eliminated the failures because any static discharge would not couple into the board where the microprocessor was located. We provided the controller circuit board design and tested working prototype boards.

anti-gravity treadmill
“Voler has always provided high quality work and great customer service.”
Sean Whalen, Founder & Chief Technical Officer of AlterG

Originally AlterG primarily sold the Anti-Gravity Treadmill to professional teams and athletes, but they wanted to expand its usage to appropriate medical and therapeutic situations. To do so it had to be classified as a medical device, and pass FDA requirements. Our controller board was ready for FDA approval, but some other parts of the system were not there. We provided guidance and advice to make sure the entire system would pass all emissions, immunity, and safety requirements. It is a 220V system with motors, fans, transformers and large pieces of equipment as well as delicate electronics in a computer.

We worked with AlterG in choosing the transformer. With one large transformer needed for the treadmill they did not want to add another one for everything else. Our understanding the issues–leakage current, power distribution, and proper grounding–enabled us to assist them to work with the transformer manufacturer to get a custom design. This was a single transformer that satisfied not only all of the functionality requirements, but also met the FDA’s strict leakage limits. With the help of Voler Systems’ modifications in February of 2008, AlterG passed the testing for the FDA standards to market their Anti-Gravity Treadmill for medical and therapeutic use.

anti gravity
anti gravity

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