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Monster Projects

Here is a fun description of 10 monster projects. I am sure you will be able to identify with one or more of them.

Managing projects and risks is an important part of what we do here at Voler. Voler’s project management approach allows us to meet schedules without compromising quality. Our engineers are experienced at good communication techniques and reducing risk

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Tips from the Expert Sessions at the Silicon Valley Hardware Symposium

Useful tips about funding, IP, go-to-market, finance, technical program management, rapid prototyping, mechanical fabrication, pcb fabrication, mechanical development, microcontroller design, electronics and firmware development, test development, FDA compliance, supply chain, operations, domestic electronic manufacturing services, Asian supply chain, continuous improvement, business processes, B2B supply chain (last mile operations and logistics), retail channel development, B2C logistics, and international expansion.

Expert Tips

Upcoming Events

IoT and Wearable Meetup: Design Tips for Flexible Devices – Anwar Mohammed, Flextronics

Tuesday October 16 at 7pm

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Impact of Tariffs on Onshore / Offshore Product Development Manufacturing

Thursday October 18 at 11:30am

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About Our Organization…

Voler Systems offers expert engineering services for new product design, medical device design, instrumentation design, and data acquisition systems.

We are experts in sensors, wireless, motion control, and power management.

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