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Voler Saves the Day – Test Proceeds on Schedule with Heroic Effort

test setup for medical device

A medical device company hired Voler to provide sensors mounted on a flexible circuit to be used in conjunction with a data acquisition and monitoring system in a week long animal trial. The trial results would be necessary for obtaining FDA approval. The schedule was so tight that the necessary data acquisition and monitoring equipment only came together in the last few days before the trial was scheduled to begin. Voler designed an amplifier mounted on a flexible circuit. The design worked perfectly first time, and there was hardly time for change had it not. It is normal for our designs to work the first time.

Data acquisition system for animal trials – it’s not beautiful, but it was done very quickly, at low cost, and it worked reliably.

The day before the equipment was scheduled to ship to the test lab, problems arose with the third party proprietary software that rendered the data acquisition system unusable. Without real time monitoring, the trial could not proceed. Delaying the test would cost tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of delay, both of which were unacceptable.

Using equipment we had on hand, Voler engineered a substitute data acquisition system. Working all night, we modified our own system to make it transportable and easy to connect. We set up alternative software and tested for accuracy, noise, and speed.

The system was picked up at 6 AM the next day, and worked flawlessly during the entire week of testing. This is just one example of the lengths to which we go to provide outstanding quality and customer service. No one beats Voler at quality and customer service!

The CEO of the company said, “Because of Voler’s work we completed our trial on time and with excellent data. It would not have happened without them”.

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