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Miguel Adao Appointed President & CEO of Voler Systems as Walt Maclay Moves to Chairman of the Board


Sunnyvale, California, May 1st, 2024 – Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Voler Systems, a leader in electronic design for medical devices, wearables, and IoT devices, proudly announces the appointment of Miguel Adao as its new President and CEO. Walt Maclay, Voler founder and outgoing President, will become Chairman of the Board. This change marks a significant milestone as Voler celebrates 45 years of engineering excellence, underscoring its commitment to continued growth and innovation in the industry.

Miguel Adao, who joined Voler Systems in May of 2022, has been a key figure in the company’s recent success. Under his leadership as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and with a terrific contribution from the Senior Vice President of Engineering John Dring as well, Voler achieved unprecedented growth in 2023 with a remarkable 52% year-on-year surge in bookings and a 46% increase in revenue. Miguel’s leadership in strategic expansion brought on board additional technical sales experts, contributing to the successful delivery of 98 projects with a 95% on-time and on-budget completion rate over the past couple of years.

Speaking on the transition, Miguel expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead Voler Systems into its next chapter of growth. “I am honored to be given this opportunity to build on the legacy of excellence established by Walt Maclay. I look forward to continuing to drive innovation and further expanding our reach in the industry.”

Walt’s visionary leadership since founding Strawberry Tree Inc., the parent company of Voler Systems, in 1979, has been instrumental in the company’s success. Voler’s active client portfolio is as diverse as it is prestigious. It includes Fortune 100 companies, a top-3 global university*, and startups/scaleups across the medical, industrial, and consumer sectors.

Voler Systems: At the Forefront of Technology

Walt Maclay’s guidance over more than 800 projects in four-and-a-half decades has allowed Voler Systems to stand out in the tech landscape for its comprehensive hardware, firmware, and software development capabilities. The company’s expertise spans the full spectrum of FDA classifications for medical devices, from low-risk Class I devices such as electronic patches and handheld surgical instruments to high-risk Class III devices critical for sustaining life. This expertise underscores Voler’s commitment to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes.

In the realm of wearables, Voler has been a pioneer in developing technology for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), fitness trackers and monitors, and smart textiles. These innovations have enhanced user experiences and have opened new avenues for health monitoring and interactive technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another area where Voler Systems shines, with a portfolio rich in case studies demonstrating the company’s ability to deliver smart, connected solutions. From enhancing operational efficiency to enabling new user interactions, Voler’s IoT projects showcase its breadth of technical expertise and ability to solve complex challenges.

Voler’s engineering capabilities are broad and deep, covering sensors, motion control, wireless connectivity, power management, and both analog and digital circuits, including FPGAs. This technical diversity allows Voler to tailor solutions precisely to client needs, ensuring that every project is delivered successfully.

Leadership for the Future

Reflecting on the company’s achievements and future, Walt stated, “Miguel’s leadership since coming on board has been a testament to our capacity for growth and innovation. His vision aligns perfectly with the foundation of excellence we’ve built at Voler. I am proud of the achievements of our team and believe that Miguel is the right leader to guide the company towards continued success. As Chairman of the Board, I will provide support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition.”

As Voler Systems embarks on this new chapter, the company reaffirms its commitment to exceeding customer expectations through innovation, quality, and service. Voler remains dedicated to its mission of “On time, on budget, easy to manufacture” and is actively recruiting for Sales and Engineering roles to support its continued growth.

About Miguel Adao

Miguel brings over three decades of marketing and organizational leadership expertise, having led initiatives for giants like Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Procter & Gamble, and Pepsi. He has also helped two privately-held companies prepare for public offerings. Miguel has a doctorate in Business Administration as well as a degree in Computer Engineering. A native of Portugal, he has lived in eight countries and is fluent in five languages. Miguel lives in San Diego, California, with his wife, Lyndie, and their children, Olivia and Nico.

About Walt Maclay

Walt Maclay, founder of Voler Systems and its current Chairman, is a noted figure in Silicon Valley for his work in sensors, wearables, and wireless communication. With a career highlighted by leadership roles, including past President of the Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) and senior life member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Walt’s influence extends across the tech community. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

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*According to the US News & World Report



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