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Design Checklist on Extending Battery Lifetime

Download a whitepaper for low-power design. These tips will extend your battery life.

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Summary Checklist for Low-Power Design

With these tips, power consumption can be cut significantly. Read about one case study where we extended the battery lifetime by 500%.

Wireless Transmission Checklist

  • How much data do you need to transmit? How far?
  • Which is the appropriate type of wireless transmission?
  • Is a gateway needed or will there be a direct connection to the Internet?
  • How often does it need to be on?

Display Checklist

  • Consider grayscale LCD or digital paper
  • Avoid or limit backlighting
  • Smaller displays take less power
  • Use sound or single LED for user interface
  • Send data to a phone for display

Sensor Checklist

  • Choose the appropriate type of sensor
  • Turn off sensors when possible
  • Leverage camera or GPS in cell phone if possible
  • Choose the appropriate sampling rate

Microprocessor Checklist

  • Select the right processor for the tasks
  • Minimize power hungry processing
  • Sleep whenever possible
  • Compressing takes processing power, but compressed data usually saves more on wireless transmission power, so compressing data before transmitting wirelessly is usually better.

Software Checklist

  • Power down subsystems when not being used
  • Dim the display when no input from the user
  • Use wireless connections efficiently
  • Transmit bursts of data
  • Do not sleep too long (cellular & WiFi need to re-establish connection)
  • Off-load energy-intensive processing to mobile applications or to the cloud
  • Use a motion sensor instead of GPS
  • Check that devices that are supposed to be powered down actually are off

About Voler Systems

Voler Systems provide RD consulting from concept through smoothly moving new products into production. Our highly experienced team delivers high quality on time and on budget. Extract the most from your battery by using our experienced engineers who understand ultra low-power design. We have developed wearable devices, IoT devices, medical devices, consumer products, and other specialized sensor-based electronics and prototype circuits.

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