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Design Checklist for Wearable Devices



What does it take to develop a low-cost wearable device with the right combination of great design, performance, and power efficiency? Voler Systems, for instance, works with the client and utilizes experience and engineering judgment to find the balance between size, cost, performance, and manufacturability of every project.

Modern wearables are powerful wearable computers since they have sensors, a microprocessor, and often have an internet connection. Wearable technology’s underlying system architecture may look simple, but the tradeoffs in designing it are complex.

Here is a short checklist that designers, developers, and engineers can use when developing wearable devices.

Developing wearable devices requires a design-thinking process to drive its development. The nature of these devices poses unique challenges. The demand for comfort, accuracy, and long battery life is rising; therefore, the components used and form factor determines the device’s success.

End Note

As always, the goal is to ensure that your wearable offers real value for your intended user. A wearable device’s success depends on its intended users’ enjoyment, especially since these devices are often worn 24/7.

The above checklist serves as an effective basis for developing any wearable device. Successful wearables require not only a vision but a multi-disciplinary approach and partnership with consultants like Voler Systems, who have decades of experience developing robust wearable devices within budget and with proven speed and flexibility to match, all while adhering to FDA and other legal requirements.

Have a great idea for wearable technology? Let our end-to-end solutions and experienced engineers help you assess concepts or create prototypes.

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