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Volume 2020 Issue 9 Newsletter

Volume 2020 Issue 9 Newsletter




Voler Systems President Walt Maclay will hold a webinar entitled “Successful Mechanical Product Development” on September 25, 2020

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Arm IoT Solution Brief PDF

In the coming decades, billions of intelligent IoT devices will provide the building blocks for a new services-driven, data-powered global economy. Read about a comprehensive solution from Arm.

NB-IoT Gaining Momentum

It is now possible to build IoT devices that communicate directly to the Internet at very low power. It is no longer necessary to have a phone or WiFi hot spot to relay messages. This makes setup much easier for customers. Remote SIM provisioning is the key to making this easy. In this whitepaper, Arm explains the key factors affecting the inclusion of remote SIM provisioning capabilities on NB-IoT enabled devices.

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September 25, 2020

Meetup: How to Harvest Energy from Various Sources to Significantly Boost Battery Life

The “new rules” of existence in today’s society require new tools and techniques to remain relevant. This talk will be about how the Fusion Design team has adapted to doing mechanical product development work for dozens of customers every day.

Key areas of discussion will be:


  • Development business before the “new rules”
  • Development business today
  • Who works from home, why, and how.
  • Who works at the office, why and how
  • Communications techniques and criticality
  • Custom deliverable and how they are presented


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